What No One Tells you About Student Accommodation

Toby Green on 30 January 2020
The outside of an apartment block.

Independence. At last. It’s one of the biggest perks of university, but it also comes with some unexpected consequences...

You'll Become Very Protective

The nature of living with other people is that you will become protective over your toilet roll, pasta sauce and tea bags (amongst other things). Such is the nature of student life. And a symptom of living with people who steal your stuff at any given opportunity.

Not All Rooms Are Created Equal

Some bedrooms will be better than others. Only unsung heros volunteer for the box room. Unfortunately for everyone else, you're not an unsung hero.

You'll Make a Second Family

Your housemates will feel like siblings, in all of the best and worst ways.

Whether you want to have dinner together, go out all night or just have a chat, there are many perks to living with your best friends. Just be prepared for the conflict the inevitable bathroom schedule clash will cause.

There's No Such Thing as a Good Location

A good location for one thing will mean a terrible location for something else important.

So you're near campus? Then you're miles from town. Near town? Then you're miles from the station. It's kind of a no-win situation.

Your Neighbours Will Hate You

This really only applies to those not living in halls, as other students generally won't hate you. But even then they still might. Depends upon how much noise you make.

Toby Green
Toby Green on 30 January 2020