More New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2021

Danielle Dickinsonon 13 January 2021

Still wondering whether to set yourself a New Year’s resolution? Here are some attainable resolution ideas that you can easily achieve in 2021.

‘New year, new me’ is a common phrase thrown around by people every year who are wanting to better themselves through resolutions. While some very motivated people manage to stick to their resolutions, many give up before the end of January.

If you want to make 2021 your year and find a resolution that will stick, then here are some easy and attainable ideas that will help you make the most of your year.

1. Film one second a day

We now live in a digital, interconnected world, with technology proving to be an asset in many ways. Capturing and sharing memories has never been easier.

In recent years, the ‘one second a day’ challenge has come into fashion, with many people choosing to create a digital scrapbook, as a way to reminisce over the year. It’s a simple challenge that doesn’t need too much motivation to complete, considering how much time most of us spend on our phones!

At the end of the year, compile all the moments you’ve collected to create a 6-minute video. Seeing a multitude of moments which exhibit happiness, excitement, success, or even bog-standard lockdown boredom will be a great way to look back and see your personal growth throughout the year and help you remember those good times you would otherwise have forgotten.

2. Decorate your bedroom

It is psychologically proven that a negative environment has detrimental effects on your wellbeing. So, during a year which has begun in lockdown, it is more important than ever to have a positive space to relax and study in. Whether you’re living in student halls, with family, or you have a place of your own, some redecoration could be the ultimate resolution in 2021!

Spend time researching which colours and styles work best for you and what type of scents make you feel most comfortable; just be responsible with the candles, as a fire wouldn’t be the best start to the year!

You could also use the time to become a plant parent. Adding even the smallest succulent to your desk space will bring some much-needed nature into your room and make the space feel bigger and brighter. If you’re wondering which plants to go for, be sure to check out our guide.

Decorating on a budget is very doable. Even if you’re just adding one new small £5 item every month you will be sticking to your resolution and making positive changes to your environment, and more importantly, your mental health.

3. Join a book club

Every year, countless people claim they’re going to read more. Whilst this seems like a feasible and exciting resolution for bookworms, you often find that it is hard to stay motivated as life always seems to get in the way. Joining a book club is the perfect way to give you that push you need.

Signing up to a club has never been easier thanks to video conferencing, and there are so many to choose from. Sites such as Book Club Forum are a great starting point. Whether you’re into classic literature, fantasy, or gripping crime thrillers, there will be a club which caters to you. 

If you don’t fancy joining an online club, you could even make one with your friends. It will give you guys something fun to catch-up about during your next group Zoom call.

4. Learn to listen to your body and mind

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that we all have different coping methods and abilities. Some people were in their element being told to work and study from home, whilst others struggled considerably. This year needs to involve listening to these feelings and learning that you can adapt your lifestyle to create success for yourself.

Balance is key. Make sure you commit to a schedule that benefits you and don’t punish yourself for not hitting the gym every morning and revising from 9am sharp. Instead, choose a routine that will benefit you and don’t let other people’s accomplishments make you feel guilty about yours.

You also need to set aside time for doing things you love, even if that means doing nothing at all. If you’ve been studying for hours then treat yourself to a virtual coffee and a slice of cake with a friend or even have a nap if that’s what you require. Just be kind to yourself; you deserve it!

5. Cook something new every week

Cooking and baking became the staple of lockdown in 2020, so why not take it to the next step in 2021 by challenging yourself to cook something new every week?

There are loads of great recipes online or cookbooks to broaden your culinary horizons. Cooking is not just a skill but a way to engage with new cultures which will serve you well in the future.

Best of all, you’ll be able to share your new-found cheffing skills with your roommates or family members and enjoy the inevitable praise that comes your way!

Final thoughts

As much as it’s great to be self-motivated and strive for success in 2021, give yourself a well-deserved break. Make lots of great plans for the year but allow yourself to make mistakes and go at your own pace as this is how you learn and grow.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Join our panel today and let us know; you’ll get a free £10 Amazon voucher when you sign up.

Danielle Dickinsonon 13 January 2021