How music can improve your studies

Jennifer Dawsonon 25 May 2021
Pair of headphones

The benefits of listening to music while you study are very real.

The average person spends around 18 hours a week listening to music. Music plays a prominent role in pretty much everyone’s life, including the student community. From workout jams to travel playlists, there are few periods in a student’s life where music does not feature.

But did you know that listening to music has a range of other benefits for students, including stress reduction and better focus? Here’s how:

Music is a superb stress reducer

Hectic course deadlines and exam schedules can make student life very stressful. Thankfully, the right kind of music can serve as a great de-stressor. The type of music that eases your anxiety will depend on your taste. While some students may find classical music calming, others relax better when listening to pop or rock.

Learning to play an instrument is another great method of stress reduction. If you can’t access in-person lessons, you could try online classes. Many of these, such as the Herbie Hancock jazz piano masterclass, has a unique approach to music lessons.

It makes visualisation easier

The Mozart Effect was a theory in the 90s, which claimed that listening to Mozart’s music made you smarter. Although research has, for the most part, refuted these claims, there is still a belief that listening to classical music can enhance your spatial-temporal perception. This can aid in visualisation, useful for memorising textbooks.

Listening to instrumental music when studying is also beneficial, as it can significantly boost your memory retention.

Music can boost your memory

As a student, you may find memorising your favourite song lyrics easier than remembering your revision notes. This is because the brain automatically searches for patterns that improve understanding and information processing. This is why musicians usually put a catchy hook in their songs, as it creates an earworm. Studies have found that music can provide a real boost to your mental performance, which is great news for anyone about to settle down for an all-night study session.

Who says you can’t mix work and leisure?

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Jennifer Dawsonon 25 May 2021