HeyOlivia: The ultimate medical student’s guide to university

Lois King on 21 July 2021
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StudyTuber and medical student HeyOlivia shows us how medical school is done during the pandemic. Discover her channel.

Have you been inspired by the hard work of the nurses and doctors working during the Covid-19 crisis? Has it prompted you to pursue a career in medicine? HeyOlivia’s channel is a great place to start if you’re thinking about this career path. Olivia documents days in her life as a student, covering placements, essays and lectures, so you can get a raw look into life as a medical student. 

Whether you’re headed to campus in September, studying solely online or trialling a hybrid method, Olivia will inspire you to push through the challenges of studying during the pandemic, having just completed her second year of studying online. Of course, for vocational subjects like medicine and nursing, it’s no easy feat learning from a textbook. Watch the video below to see how Olivia copes with her workload and how you can too!

If you dream of being a doctor or nurse, then you’re probably already anticipating the workload that’s coming your way this September. The transition between studying A Levels to studying for a degree can be tough. If you’re worried about keeping on top of your studies then Olivia has just the video to calm your nerves. Having completed two years as a medical student, Olivia has first-hand insight into what resources you really need to make a difference in your grades. Discover the study materials that you can’t do without: 

And of course, the end goal is to get into the hospitals and GP surgeries, which Olivia documents. Her experience on placement will give you a glimpse into what life as a medical student is really like. Take a look at what your first day on placement might be like to prepare you for September!

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Lois King
Lois King on 21 July 2021