Lucy Wang: Everything I wish I knew about sixth form, entry exams and applications

Lois King on 18 August 2021
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Check out Lucy's channel for everything you need to know about applying to university and acing your A Levels.

Whether you have just received your A Level or GCSE results, or you are beginning to think about your future career path, StudyTuber Lucy Wang has got you covered. Having only been creating content for the past six months, Lucy’s channel has grown, and she now has over 600 subscribers tuning in to her videos, making her a top StudyTuber. Now it’s your turn to check out the channel!

If you need a friend to help you through your university interviews, or to reply to your UCAS options, then Lucy will be with you all the way. She documents her time at school, from completing assessments to planning revision and the ups and downs of the university application process. And now she’s headed to Oxford University in October!

Plus, for those of you looking to study at Oxbridge (either Oxford University or Cambridge), the application process is slightly different from other institutions. But of course, Lucy’s got you covered with all the tips and tricks on writing a personal statement, extracurricular activities to boost your application and everything you should consider before applying. 

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Lois King
Lois King on 18 August 2021