The key to a healthy long-distance relationship during isolation

Eleana Davidson on 21 May 2020
The key to a healthy long-distance relationship during isolation

Tips and tricks to keep your love life alive, no matter how far apart you are!

In this week’s student survey, our Student Hut community told us that 47% of you with a boyfriend/girlfriend believe the lockdown has negatively affected your relationships, at least some of the time (which is totally normal by the way). This number increased to 72% for those of you who are in long-distance relationships. 

In light of these findings, we thought we’d put together some useful tips to help those of you in a long-distance relationship to keep it positive during this testing time.

And for those in a relationship who are currently locked down together, fear not - you can try these too! 

Accept what you can’t control

First things first, and we’re sure you’re sick to death hearing it, but it’s worth saying again... The sooner you accept the unpredictable, the sooner you can work out how to cope with the situation. 

Holidays and travelling may not be on the cards right now but, rather than dwelling, look to what you can plan; from home cinema dates to candlelight dinners.

Understand that you’re both in this together, and it’s hard on you both. But once lockdown lifts (and it will), you’ll be back together to celebrate the reunion. Don’t push each other away, just because you’re missing one another.

Keep dating

And, on that note, it’s more important than ever to carve out the time to date.

It’d be easy to say “we can’t travel to see each other, so our relationship is doomed”. While you may not be able to cross borders and share close quarters, you can still get dressed up on a Friday night, put some pasta on together (virtually) and pour yourselves a glass red, rosé, or whatever you fancy.

Schedule meals together; it’s important. And if you don’t want a fancy date, why don’t you both buy some popcorn and sweets and sit down to watch a new release on Sky Movies for the first time, making sure you both press the play button together. And, if you can’t find anything you fancy on Sky Movies, why not try Amazon Prime?

Lockdown and quarantine are tough and stressful, so make time to have fun in your relationship in ways that are still possible. 

Video chats over phone calls

Take advantage of the technology you have at your fingertips!

Use video when you talk to each other; being face-to-face, so to speak, will allow you to have much more of a natural, prolonged conversation. Believe us, being able to see the person you’re speaking to will work wonders! Plus, everyone loves a visual cue when you’re talking about what you’re eating right now or what you’re watching. 

Finally, make sure you’re still communicating. 

More canned advice here, but trust us, it works. When you're in a long-distance relationship, communication is everything. A rubbish day at work or an upsetting phone call with family may result in you needing to vent to your partner (or vice versa). So, making sure you're honest with your emotions and talking things through has never been more important. 

Talk about why you love each other (or ‘like’ each other if you haven’t said those three words yet).

Don’t just grumble a throwaway “love you too” at the end of the FaceTime, ask your partner why they love you and tell your partner why you love them. We get it, it takes up time and may seem a little sappy, but it also properly reinforces why you chose each other.

If you would like to join the Student Hut community and give your say on how you’re finding lockdown or long-distance relationships, get involved today and get a £10 Amazon voucher credit for your trouble!

Eleana Davidson
Eleana Davidson on 21 May 2020