How to stay close to your uni friends when you can’t see each other

Sian Hacketton 24 March 2021
friends drinking in the park

How can you stay in contact and maintain that bff status with your besties when you can't be with them for movie marathons and gossip sessions?

As a result of lockdown, lots of friendship groups have been split up. It’s easy to lose touch with your loved ones, but in times like this, maintaining social contact is so important for your mental health.

Here are some tips for staying close to the people you care about. Whether it’s during lockdown, or after you graduate, here are some ways to ensure you don’t lose touch with the people who matter:

1. Zoom (yes, we know…)

Most of us have become Zoom experts over the last year of lockdowns and, while we all got bored of the weekly quizzes by about May last year, video calls still play a part in most of our daily routines. 

Group calls will still be useful even when lockdown is a distant memory. When you graduate, you can end up half a country away, or even - for international students - half a world away from your friends. Video calls let you stay in touch with people that are too far away to see in person. Plus, once we’re allowed to do other things in the real world, talking to our loved ones online won’t be so draining.

2. Virtual movie marathons

Missing film nights with your flatmates? You can always set up a virtual one using Netflix Party. You can connect with mates across the country  from the comfort of your bedroom. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about sharing snacks!

The chat function on the side allows you to chat with your mates without being told to shush like you normally would, and you won’t have to listen to someone else’s rustling crisp packets when the plot is starting to get interesting.

If movies aren’t your thing, you could try a virtual games night instead, by downloading games like Pictionary Online or ‘Psych!’ on your phone.

3. Group chats

This one seems obvious, but the power of group chats should not be underestimated. Group chats allow you to check in with all your friends at the same time, which is far less hassle than catching up individually

Using apps like Snapchat are a fun way to visually let your friends know what you’ve been up to. Why not show off the banging homemade avocado toast you made this morning?

4. Plan for the future

Now the roadmap to leaving lockdown is coming to fruition, there is light at the end of the tunnel. All of a sudden, we can talk about sitting in restaurants, clubbing, and going clothes shopping again.

Making plans with your friends gives you something to look forward to and bond over, and keeps your friendship fresh and exciting. When you haven’t been able to do anything together for such a long time, it helps to have good times on the horizon.

As we don’t know when we’ll be able to freely go on holiday, many people are considering domestic staycations. Why not plan a road-trip around the country, visiting all your mates along the way?

Next time you find yourself missing your mates, why not give one of these ideas a go? You may find that the time spent apart passes a lot quicker!

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Sian Hacketton 24 March 2021