Why Chester is a Top 10 uni for job prospects

Sponsored content by the University of Chesteron 19 November 2020
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Chester is a picturesque town, conveniently located a stone's throw from Liverpool and Manchester. It's also a great place to study for anybody looking to further their job prospects. Read on to find out why.

Choosing a university can be pretty overwhelming. Do you go big or small? Which course do you choose? What kind of campus will suit you? Should you live at home or go for uni accommodation? And to make it even more confusing, every league table tells you a different story and everyone seems to be promising everything all at once.

So we want to make it simple. At the University of Chester, we only have one promise – to give you what really counts from your university experience. And that’s one we know we can keep. 

What does that mean for you? Here are three ways you can get what counts at Chester.

1. We're graduate future-focused and work-ready

At Chester, we never lose sight of the end result. We make sure that you leave us highly employable and ready for anything the working world may throw at you – strong attributes in today’s climate. 

Whatever course you choose, there will be opportunities to gain work experience. Not only will this give you valuable insight into a potential future career and perhaps even your first work reference, but it will also help you create lasting professional relationships that just might be the difference between a nice starting role and a never-ending job hunt.

We’ll also help you develop your portfolio and build your CV throughout your time here, making sure you graduate one step ahead. After all, we’re top ten in the UK for job prospects (WUSCAs 2020) for a reason.

2. There's opportunity after opportunity

We invest in your personal growth. How? By providing you with as many opportunities as you could possibly want throughout your time here. 

Work experience is just the tip of the iceberg. At Chester, you’ll get the chance to study abroad at over 300 different institutions. We also offer free language tuition, so not only will you be able to explore a new culture, you’ll be able to experience it like a local as well. 

Closer to home, we offer mentoring and volunteering schemes that allow you to positively impact the world around you. And, in your downtime, you’ll have access to 130 clubs, teams and societies. 

To face the future with confidence, you need to be a well-rounded person in every sense - academically, personally and professionally. So when you leave us, amazed at how far you’ve come, we’ll know we’ve done a good job.

3. You can get out and get involved

Arguably one of the most important parts of any uni experience is the people. And we provide plenty of ways to have whatever kind of social life you’d like. 

As well as being top ten in the UK for job prospects, we’re also top ten for local life (WUSCAS 2020). There are so many unique pubs, restaurants and local haunts in and around the local area, that there’s bound to be something for you. 

You’ll also be spoilt for choice on campus as well. Whether you want to learn a language, join a team, start a band, become part of a theatre group, run a society, volunteer or simply just relax and unwind, you’ll get what counts at Chester.

For more information about enrolling at Chester, be sure to check out their Undergraduate Study page. To find out more about the institution, you can also follow Chester on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Sponsored content by the University of Chesteron 19 November 2020