How to increase your disposable income at uni

Julia Marolton 11 March 2022
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Always seem to be short on cash? Check out our advice on how to boost your disposable income.

University life is expensive and most students know what it’s like to be broke, regardless of how you spend your money. Whether it's study materials or nights out, there just never seems to be enough money to cover it all. Learning how to increase your disposable income early on will benefit you now and in the future. Here’s how to boost your income at university:

Part-time work 

For some people, getting a job is a good first step, but this won’t apply to everyone. Whilst getting a second job can help financially, it can be both mentally and physically demanding, especially for a uni student. It’s important to prioritise your studies, so find the right balance by checking your university schedule before committing to any jobs.

Buy second-hand items 

Cutting down on expensive shopping trips is one way to increase your disposable income. If you’re not ready to limit your shopping habits, looking at secondhand options is much more affordable, eco-friendly and sustainable. This can either be done online on stores like eBay and Depop or in person at any of your local charity shops which offer a wide range of items. It’s a cheap way to find special, unique items that will brighten any room or wardrobe.

Alternative transport

Transport can be costly, so seeking alternatives is a great way to increase your disposable income. One simple way to save money is to walk, cycle, or carpool with your friends when travelling to uni together. Second-hand bikes are particularly eco-friendly and usually quite easy to find.

Selling items

Another great way to increase your income is by selling things that you no longer use. This could be clothes, furniture, books, or even handmade items if you enjoy arts and crafts. If making handmade items is something you enjoy, starting a small online business could be another great way to increase your disposable income. Selling items on platforms like Esty, Depop, or Facebook Marketplace is a great starting point.

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Julia Marolton 11 March 2022