Immie Sophie: What it’s like to study by the sea

Lois King on 28 July 2021
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Are you looking to study languages and linguistics? Discover all you need to know on StudyTuber Immie Sophie's YouTube channel.

Are you a budding linguistics student looking to study by the seaside? StudyTuber Immie Sophie is a Spanish and Linguistics student who creates content about her time at the University of Southampton, a waterside institution with plenty to do - just check out the student reviews here!

At Student Hut, we love to see students helping others out. That’s why we love Immie Sophie’s channel as she guides students through life at university, documenting the ups and downs. Through vlogs, Immie Sophie captures a holistic view of what it’s like to study, make friends and spend time at university, all while exploring the city of Southampton. 

It can be daunting moving to a new city as a Fresher, but Immie’s channel is full of advice on smoothly transitioning from sixth form to university. And, of course, she wouldn’t be a StudyTuber without ‘study with me’ videos and hacks on note-taking!

Follow along with Immie’s journey as she moves through university, from online classes to hybrid learning and eventually in-person classes. If you’re moving to university this September and you’re looking for some motivation or advice when it comes to studying for a degree, then Immie’s channel will be the perfect companion for you. 

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Lois King
Lois King on 28 July 2021