How To Make The Most of Your Easter Holidays With A-Levels Around The Corner

Libby Tiernanon 3 April 2019
How To Make The Most of Your Easter Holidays With A-Levels Around The Corner

Between studying, seeing family and friends and any other pressures, A-levels exams can be stressful. These steps will help you find the balance you're looking for. 

Easter holidays can be a difficult time to stay motivated. On one hand, you deserve a break the same as everybody else. On the other, your A-level exams are mere weeks away, as your teachers and classmates keep reminding you.

1. Make a revision plan

As well as helping you manage all the revision you need to do, it's also helpful to plan in breaks and days off around that time too, to make sure you're not working yourself too hard. If you've never made a revision plan before, start by filling in the days you definitely can't work, and go from there.

2. Revise outside

There's nothing worse than being stuck indoors when the sun is shining and everybody else is outside enjoying themselves. But it can also be hard to relax with the threat of A-levels looming over you. Why not kill two birds with one stone and soak up that precious knowledge while also soaking up some Vitamin D?

3. Use Easter eggs as motivation

‘No motivational tool is more powerful than chocolate.’ - Albert Einstein, probably. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a Creme Egg every few chapters. If only invigilators would bribe us with Mini Eggs in the exam...

4. Plan some nice days off

You're going to slump pretty quickly if you don't work in a few breaks every now and then, and nobody likes peaking too early. Make sure you organise something nice to do in order to recharge those batteries.

5. Remember that you've got study leave

As much as the Easter holidays are perfect to get big chunks of revision done, it's not the end of the world if you don't. Chances are your exams won't all be concentrated at the start of exam season, so you'll have plenty of time between exams.

But that's no excuse to spend the whole two weeks on a Netflix binge.

6. Revise with friends/family

Spending time with family is important during the holidays. But if you absolutely can't tear yourself away from the books, try to involve other people in your revision. Get your family to test you on key concepts, or organise a study session with friends.

7. Remember you can always make the time back up in the summer.

It's the worst feeling in the world to have to miss out on doing fun things because of school work. But don't forget, you've got the longest summer of your life ahead of you where you can catch up on all those lie-ins and doing-nothing days.

8. Wake up early to revise so you've still got time during the day

There's no reason why you can't effectively balance revision and downtime. If you're like me, a firm believer that nobody should be awake before 10 am on the holidays, it may help to abandon this mindset for a while and get up a little bit earlier.

Libby Tiernanon 3 April 2019