How Going To Uni Is Like Going On I'm A Celeb

Elizabeth Tan on 28 November 2017
How Going To Uni Is Like Going On I'm A Celeb

Uni is full of surprises just like the jungle and you'll have to face challenges like never before! So here's a list of them.

meeting weird new people

You get thrown into a brand new environment with a bunch of brand new faces. It’s mad, it’s crazy, but it’s thrilling to be around them!

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strange food

Rice and beans in the jungle...broccoli and ketchup at’s all the same, right. Right?

living on meals consisting of very few ingredients

Pasta (and maybe some cheese if you have some). On top of that, you’ll have that ‘meal’ for multiple days in a row.

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using a filthy shower is a bushtucker trial in itself

No one cleans the bathroom so the thought of having a shower is just super gross.

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having to deal with animals in the house

In I’m A Celeb they have to contend with animals like the bush turkeys, but you might have to deal with noisy, four legged rats invading your home, which makes it feel like you’re the one living in a jungle.

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Crying because you miss home

Living at uni can mean living in some pretty uncomfortable conditions, so it’s no wonder everyone misses home so much!

You go to ‘find yourself’ and take on new challenges

You’re exploring the new world of uni, studying your passion, meeting new people with the same interests as’s a challenge but you’re glad you’re doing it!

Arguing with the people you live with

Whether you’re trying to figure out who’s stolen your milk or half-eaten your leftover pizza, sometimes you just have to tell people what’s bothering you.

Fancy dress

All those parties and pub crawls require some pretty snazzy costumes. It all adds to the fun!

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Uncomfortable living conditions

Some celebs will have to sleep on the floor at Snake Rock and some of the mattresses you get given at uni are so lumpy, sleeping on the floor of Snake Rock can seem appealing...

How else do you think going to uni is like going on I'm A Celeb? Let us know in the comments below!

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Elizabeth Tan
Elizabeth Tan on 28 November 2017