How to go on Holiday for Under £200

Leah Benthinon 21 May 2019
How to go on Holiday for Under £200

Finding an affordable holiday can be hard, even when you're not a broke student! Luckily we've found a few gems that you can explore for under £200.

It’s that time of year where uni is making you stressed 24/7 with deadlines and exams and you’re in desperate need of a holiday. But of course, you’re on a tight budget because the student life has zapped all your funds. So, we’re here to help with our recommendations on where to go and how to get there for less than £200 this summer.

1. Carcassonne, France

This beautiful hilltop town in the South of France would be the perfect place to escape the stress of life and enjoy some well deserved peace and relaxation. Its main attraction is the medieval fortress that towers over the town and a canal also runs through it, offering somewhere quiet and tranquil to take a stroll.

You can fly direct to Carcassonne from London Stansted from as little as £9 per person return with Ryanair. That’s less than a standard train fare in this country, so get on it!

Once you’re there, you can rent an entire flat with Airbnb for 2 people from £35 a night, so for a weekend break that would be a small total of £70.

Overall, that’s a cost of just £79 to get there and for somewhere to stay, so you’ll have plenty of extra budget to spend on food and attractions. Très bien!

2. Genoa, Italy

Genoa is a port city in Italy which offers beautiful architecture and bags of culture, whilst being only a short train journey away from coastal towns with pretty beaches. You can visit the historic cathedral and climb the hundreds of steps to the top for a wonderful view of the city. Additionally, take the funicular up to the viewing platform which gives you another amazing panoramic view of the whole of Genoa.

You can get a return flight direct to Genoa from London Stansted from £72 per person with Ryanair for a weekend break. Once you’re there you can save the pennies by staying in a hostel where you can get a bed for just over £18 a night.

So, for a short weekend break with flights and a bed in a hostel you’ll only be set back just over £108 which leaves you plenty of money for pizza, spaghetti and wine!

3. Dublin, Ireland

For those who want to stay a little closer to home, Dublin is the perfect place for a short, cheap city break. It’s the capital of the Republic of Ireland so it’s pretty lively and there’s plenty to do including the castle, zoo and of course, the famous Guinness factory.

Spend 3 nights there and fly from East Midlands airport to Dublin and back from just £45 per person. Then take the cheap option and stay in a hostel where you can get 3 nights from £136, meaning you’ll have only paid a total of £181. What great craic!

Leah Benthinon 21 May 2019