How to Decorate Your Uni Room on a Budget

Sofia Tysonon 27 September 2018
How to Decorate Your Uni Room on a Budget

Moving away from home can be a little emotional at times - so why not make your room feel just like home with these simple DIY hacks that will make you feel like you never even left?


If your uni room is looking a little lifeless and in need of a colourful burst of personality then these are perfect and SUPER cheap. The letter frames are available in Hobbycraft at just £4 a piece and the rest is down to you. Whether you’re drenching it in glitter, piling in the pom poms or filling it with flowers - these letters are personal, unique and can be crafted to fit any themed room. If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet personal touch this has to be it!

Letters filled with wool spelling the word Joy
Source: Hobbycraft


Something that will never go out of style...the famous photo wall. It may be true that photo walls resonate as something of a 4-year-old Tumblr craze. However, you know what they say? Old but gold is certainly the case here. With all of the discount codes floating about for printing sites - this could be the cheapest DIY yet.

Missing home? Photo wall. A dull coloured wall that you can’t change, only hide? Photo wall. Marks on your wall? Photo wall. Wanting to show off your fab pics from this summer? Photo wall. It seems to be the simple yet significant answer to EVERYTHING.

wall covered in collage of photographs
Source: By Tezza

Wire Grid For Notes

Organisation probably won’t last you the whole year. Who are you trying to kid? So why pay a fortune for it? Cork boards can be pretty dull and something more minimalistic and colour-coordination friendly seems ideal. So what about a wire grid with little pegs for important notes, cute memories and somewhere to hang your (always getting lost) keys?

Unfortunately, this trend has already begun and we are in the midst of it. So it’s no surprise that companies are charging £10-£20 for something as basic as a wire grid. That’s exactly why we’ve done our research and found you a large one for just £4. Sorry Urban Outfitters, The Range’s garden range exists. Don’t forget the pegs!

wired grid with photos on it
Source: Wilko Source: Not On The High Street


There’s nothing worse than moving into your uni room and not having enough places to put all of your things and ending up cluttered. It all seemed entirely necessary at the time but now it seems a little excessive and stressful. Why don’t uni rooms have enough storage space? Annoying.

But stress not. We’ve got you covered. A few large wooden crates from your local homeware store (again, Hobbycraft is probably cheapest) and you have storage boxes, shelves or even an extra chest of draws. ALL IN ONE! If you’re thinking they’re looking a little bland or don’t fit well with your room, a splash of paint can really help. Top tip - the brighter the better. Don’t hide your DIY jobs. Make them original and unique. Show them off. The best part? If you’re transporting them or moving your room around they are so versatile and can be stacked, stashed or hung. Total life hack.

Source: A.C.Moore


Like many students realise, older student houses or accommodation are often a little bland in colour and it can be disheartening when you’re used to a lively looking bedroom back home. The difficulty with this at uni is that you can’t splash a little paint. That’s what makes stick on wall tiles and wall tapestries so fab and convenient. They are reversible, damage free and can add a little personality to an otherwise lifeless home.

These are typically found cheapest on Amazon or eBay and bring a room to life in seconds with minimal effort. Also, they’re bound to get you bonus points for being edgy. What more could you ask? One tip we are dying to give you is to check the measurements! It’s far too easy to mistakenly buy a tapestry or tileset that doesn’t actually fit your wall. You don’t want to order a wall tapestry and receive a tea towel.

mandala design tapestry hung on a bedroom wall woman sticking on 3D wallpaper
Source: Amazon Source: Amazon


Gather any unused plastic pots and toilet roll tubes to give recycling a new definition. With some sheets of snazzy card, paint, glitter and glue these can be the cheapest desk organiser you ever own. If you’re feeling super advanced, you could even grab a crate, some artificial flowers and gel paints to get all glam. It’s pretty much down to your imagination and needs to decide what style and shape you want to make it but we’ve added some inspiration to get you thinking!

diy desk organiser in pink

Head Board

Okay. So this one is pretty out there. It’s for the most advanced Do It Yourselfers out there. Make your own headboard. In fact, it’s so advanced that we couldn’t explain it ourselves. We’ll send to someone who can instead: House Beautiful. Good luck with this one! It’ll be well worth it since these old things are far from cheap - you could save yourself hundreds with this hack.

double bed with a head board
Source: House Beautiful


Technically, this isn’t a DIY. Unless of course, you consider sticking the LED strip to your chosen object a chore. There are SO many benefits to these. Firstly - they’re dreamy. Secondly - they’re mood versatile. Thirdly - they’re energy efficient. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, bank account friendly, mood friendly decoration for your bedroom - here it is. These are typically wrapped around TVs and project light throughout the room. However, there are no rules to say you can’t use them to border your bedroom ceiling or around your desk or shelves. They’re so versatile and friendly - that’s what makes them so fab. Oh, did we mention they come with a remote and change colour? We would say to avoid Amazon on this one since they are extra pricey here.

bedroom with a tv the has strip lighting illuminating it from behind
Source: YouTube


These are the perfect finishing touch to any student room and beyond cheap if you can make them yourselves. It really is as simple as attaching or threading some pom poms or buttons on some string. If you want to be spared of the effort you can find them on independent seller sites like Amazon or However, you might want to spare the expense since these things are expensive to buy considering you could do it yourself for the price of a block of cheese.

black cushion with multicoloured pom poms
Source: AliExpress


If you are like me, you probably love to get into the spirit of every festivity...ever! If that’s the case and you’re fortunate to have a few spare shelves handy then decorating them can be what makes your uni room that little more festive and a little more like home would be. Investing in some miniature baubles, artificial flowers and washi tape can really bring it all together and keep you feeling festive despite the lectures and seminar season being in full swing.

shelving with ornamental decorations
Source: Me!

Sofia Tysonon 27 September 2018