Hobbies to try at uni: crochet

Sophia Lamberton 21 June 2022
Crochet needles and an ongoing project

Fill your free time and boost hand-eye coordination with crochet.

If you're looking for a new hobby, try crochet. We've put together a beginners' guide to the yarn-based hobby. Here we share our best advice for buying the right materials and some ideas for beginner projects. 

Why should you try crocheting?

Crocheting is a portable hobby you can take with you anywhere. It’s also a good way to take a break from studying and get away from all the screens for a bit.

Crocheting can be really rewarding. You can create something for yourself, like a scrunchie or a drinks coaster. Stuck for gift ideas? Crochet something unique for your loved one, it’ll be much more meaningful than a store-bought gift. 

It's also good for managing your mental health as it can reduce stress levels. Repetitive motions can increase your levels of the mood-boosting hormone serotonin, helping you to feel more relaxed, making this the perfect hobby for exam season.

If you're trying to be more sustainable, you could unpick old woollen jumpers and reuse the wool to create something new, and save money in the process.

Tips for getting started

All you need to get started is a crochet hook and some yarn. It's as simple as that. 

Start by buying a medium-weight (number four) yarn from a craft store or online. We'd recommend looking for soft yarn made from acrylic, wool, or cotton. Buying a light-coloured yarn will make it easier to see how neat your stitches are, and it'll be easier to see where to insert the crochet hook. 

If you're not sure which size hook to buy, check the back of the yarn label, which usually recommends the appropriate hook size.

If you get stuck, YouTube has hundreds of videos you can watch that will talk you through everything step by step. We'd recommend this video if you're an absolute beginner, which gives a slow demonstration of how to do a single crochet stitch.

Ideas for projects

Start by following some really simple designs until you've mastered the basics. To get the hang of using the hooks, start by stitching yourself a pile of granny squares in different colours. You could stitch these together later to make a blanket.

You could freshen up your uni home with the things you make, adding a personal touch to your bedroom or a splash of colour to your living room. Once you start getting the hang of it and you've learned different stitches, you can get creative with your designs. Have a look online for some patterns, there are hundreds of free designs available to choose from. We recommend checking out Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Here are a few ideas for some projects:

  • Stitch a crochet wall hanging
  • Make yourself a scarf or a snood
  • Ditch plastic bags and make a crochet shopping bag
  • Create a colourful cushion cover
  • Stitch a few brightly coloured coasters- ideal for your desk or kitchen table.

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Sophia Lamberton 21 June 2022