Here's how to see the world if you have no idea what you're doing

Mazzy Westwoodon 1 October 2018
Here's how to see the world if you have no idea what you're doing

Sick and tired of all your old relatives telling you to “get out there” and that “the world’s your oyster”? Here are some top tips on how to see the most beautiful corners of the planet, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Go With a Company

Now, this may sound like you’re cheating by travelling with a company, but in my eyes, this is the best way to become familiar with the whole process of travelling. You see, it’s not as straightforward as hopping on a plane and winging it (pardon the pun).

You’ve got jabs, booking flights, booking hostels, itinerary planning, currency conversion… put simply, there’s a lot to do. With the help of companies such as World Challenge, Outlook Expeditions and Camp Thailand, you’ll be aided along the way, ensuring you have signed, exchanged and jabbed (ouch) everything necessary before heading off.

Benefits of going with a company
  • All the planning is done for you. No need to create a haphazard itinerary of your 21-day trip, this is all generated for you by the company and the local experts of the areas you will be visiting.
  • Gain hands-on experience. Generally, going on one of these expeditions is revolved around helping the local community with a project, or with the conservation of local wildlife. This is great for your CV, not to mention your overall outlook on life!
  • Friends! I don’t mean to go Inbetweeners on you, but by travelling in a group of 10-20 people you will form some amazing friendships. I still meet up with my team from 2015, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to travel with them.

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Try InterRail

Fancy something a little closer to home? InterRailing is the perfect option for you.

InterRailing is where you buy a ticket and travel around Europe via good ol’ fashioned trains. This is perhaps one of the best ways to see Europe, not only because it’s less hassle than booking hundreds of flights, but it also allows you to see the best of multiple countries.

Benefits of interrailing
  • Doesn’t have the constraints of a company. Some of you lone wolves may not like the sound of having to travel by someone else’s rules. Your itinerary, your trip. If you want to stay another night in Paris, do it!
  • Saves you money. One issue some people may encounter with travelling is the sheer cost. InterRailing is a perfect opportunity to travel and to only spend and amount you are comfortable with. You can budget for your ideal trip and purchase an InterRail ticket which corresponds to your budget.
  • You can travel with your friends. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see the world with their friends? It’s quality time, with quality people seeing some quality sights.Mickey Mouse riding a train ​​​​​​

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Visit Friends and Family

Travelling doesn’t have to be a horrifically expensive, elaborate trek. As much as a luxury one star hostel in the middle of Europe may tempt you, sometimes it’s the home comforts of staying at a family member’s house that will help you to see the world.

I’m not expecting that everyone here has family spread across the globe, all I’m saying is that even if your family is in Cornwall or Scotland, you are still leaving home and your comfort zone - technically, it’s travelling. Give it a go, get in contact with the friends you made in freshers year, or the family you haven’t spoken to in years even though you should have. They could show you a corner of the world you’ve never been to, and to me, that’s travelling.

benefits of visiting friends and family
  • Free accommodation! Staying with family would hopefully be free, but even if not, it will certainly be much cheaper than hotels or AirBnB!
  • Reconnecting with relatives. Don't just treat this as a chance to travel; think of it as a chance to genuinely reconnect with family. It will make the experience far more fulfilling!
  • Birthday brownie points... You all know what I'm talking about! ;)

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Mazzy Westwoodon 1 October 2018