5 ways going small for university gives you more

Sponsored content from BGUon 15 October 2020
 5 ways going small for university gives you more

Right now you’re probably asking yourself either “what university should I go to?” or, given everything that’s going on, “is university overrated?” Both questions are pretty hard to answer. But when it comes to choosing the right place for you and getting what you actually need from your experience, we think it’s better to go for a small university. A small uni like BGU.

When people hear “small” they think “less”, but at BGU we strongly disagree. In fact, it’s because we’re small that we’re able to give you way more of what you actually want from a university. 

So, much like beloved Hollywood icon Danny DeVito, we’re embracing being small. And again like Mr DeVito, we’re making it look good too. Here’s five reasons why you get much, much more when you go small.

1. More attention

At BGU we offer gold-standard and “consistently outstanding” teaching (TEF’s words not ours). For context, that’s the same standard of education you get at the likes of Oxford or Cambridge but with one big difference; we’ve got less students so we can give you more personalised attention. 

We know that everyone learns in different ways and we get that there’s no one way in or out of BGU. So throughout your time here you’ll receive personalised teaching in your lectures, dedicated support in our Centre for Enhancement in Learning and Teaching, and the kind of opportunities that seem tailor-made for you. 

2. More personal space

When we say we’re a small university, we mean in terms of how many students we have, just over 2,000 to be exact. Compare that to the uni with the most students in the UK (178,000) and you see what we mean. When it comes to our actual size we’ve got more than enough space to go around, which, if you’ve been keeping up with the news, is a massive plus. 

Our picturesque and naturally beautiful campus has all the space you need to breathe and relax after a hectic year (especially our Peace Garden). You’ll find although we’re a small university, you’ll have all the room you need to grow, flourish and work out what’s next.

3. More to see

Our hometown of Lincoln is on the smaller side. We know it sounds counterintuitive, but going small gives you much more to discover.

Places like London and Manchester have everything laid out right in front of you. But when you go small you discover hidden curiosities, local haunts and secluded natural spaces. Which if you ask us, sounds way better than a ping-pong bar in Shoreditch.

4. More opportunities

“Opportunity” and “university” go hand in hand, and when you go small there’s plenty more to go around. At BGU we’ve got ways to help you get on the traditional career path or do your own thing from day one. 

These range from placement opportunities at home and abroad (we’ve helped students work everywhere from Budapest to Thailand), to giving you the means to start a business of your own, right here on our campus. 

Obviously we don’t expect you to work 24/7, which is there are plenty more opportunities to explore old interests and new passions through clubs, societies and the cultural hidden gems of Lincoln.

5. More friends for life

One of the main benefits of us being a smaller uni is that you’ll have far more time and more opportunities to really get to know everyone around you.

Between the independent cinema, restaurants and bars, Alice in Wonderland themed coffee shop (nothing builds friendships like a trip down the rabbit hole), clubs, societies and SU events, there’s always something to do, somewhere to go and someone to meet.

We like to think of BGU as the best-kept secret that bonds you and your peers for life. So if you want more friends, more human connection, and more first-name basis, go small and get much, much more. 

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Sponsored content from BGUon 15 October 2020