Fun ideas for celebrating the end of exams

Aimee Clyneon 9 June 2021
Fun ideas for celebrating the end of exams

If you've finished with your studies for the year, now's the time to pat yourself on the back and unwind. Here's how.

Now that exam season is over, and it’s time to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Here are some ideas for celebrating the end of exams:

Watch Netflix

With no lectures to catch up on or revision to do, you can celebrate by watching all the shows you’ve wanted to see on Netflix without feeling guilty about procrastinating. You could finally check out that series you never had time to watch during your studies.

Cook your favourite meal

Another fun way to celebrate is by cooking or ordering your favourite meal. Eating something tasty can be a great mood-booster after the stressful exam period. If you prefer desserts, why not treat yourself to your favourite cake or ice cream?

Go out with your friends

Celebrate the end of a tricky period by hitting the town with your friends. Why not get reacquainted with your favourite bar or restaurant? If you don’t fancy eating or drinking out, you could organise a day trip to the beach, have a picnic in the park, visit a museum, or go to the cinema. 

Virtual meetups

If you or your friends don’t feel comfortable meeting face-to-face yet, you could organise a virtual meetup instead. You could have a nice long chat or play some online video games together. If you want to step things up a notch, why not play some virtual drinking games?


Celebrate your finished exams by treating yourself to some retail therapy. Grab that special something you’ve wanted for ages as a reward for the hours you spent revising or check out the summer sales to find something nice for yourself. 

Get busy with some hobbies

If revision and exams have taken up all your time these last few months, you can keep yourself busy now by picking up some hobbies. Whether you already have a hobby, such as painting, sports, or baking, or you’re looking to try something totally new, spend your well-earned free time doing something you enjoy. 


With no exams or deadlines to get up early for, why not treat yourself to a lie-in? Turn off your alarm and catch up on some sleep, especially if you’ve been having a lot of late-night study sessions. Once you’ve had some needed rest, you’ll be relaxed and refreshed to enjoy the rest of your summer. 

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Aimee Clyneon 9 June 2021