The Freshest Freshers' Week Outfits

Molly Wilsonon 11 September 2018
The Freshest Freshers' Week Outfits

Stuck for ideas of how to wow the crowd at freshers' check out this guide for how to rep the sweetest garms on offer at the moment.

Everyone wants to make the perfect first impression and freshers’ week will mean you meet hundreds of new faces, whose names you will probably forget.
They will more than likely forget your name too, but not if you make a lasting impression with your banging outfit…

Moving in day

You’re going to have to find the perfect balance between looking extra and actually being able to shift one of the hundreds of boxes of belongings (which you almost certainly won’t touch until moving home in June) from your poor parent’s boot.

The vibe to channel is ‘I fell out of bed and into these clothes and I look perfect and practical’. Easy.

ASOS is obviously a good place to start when it comes to stocking up on outfits.


1. This Monki wide-leg striped dungaree’ with a plain tee underneath looks effortlessly artist-chic and is more than practical.

woman in dungarees

2. Any t-shirt dress, like this Boohoo Spliced Stripe T-Shirt Dress, also on ASOS, will look cool and keep you cool. You also have room to move and the style is simple so suits almost everyone.

woman in black and white striped dress

3. It’s all about comfort and style, so one pieces are easy to stick to, check out this splash of colour from Nobody’s Child.

Woman in red jumpsuit


1. Inclusivity is everything and ASOS knows it, worry not, boys, you too can rock a cheeky playsuit. Comfort, style and freedom of movement.

2. Take full advantage of tracksuit bottoms being temporarily considered as actual trousers (who knows how that came into fashion). Get you some smart-looking trackies and a plain tee for that ‘I’m so relaxed already, even though I’m shitting my pants about leaving my mummy’ look.

man in black playsuit and man wearing green tracksuit bottoms

Fresher’s festival


If you’re lucky enough to have a uni that gives you a ‘week zero’ and non-tragic fresher’s (@warwick -step it up) events, then you better rock them the best you can.

1. How wild are you feeling? If you think now’s the time to shed your sixth form skin and transform into a colourful, magical mermaid, look no further than Easy Tiger!!

woman in green and blue dress

2. Maybe you’re not quite ready to bare all, understandable, your mum would probably see it on facebook… for something a little more family-friendly, but still 10/10, head over to Pretty Little Thing, for a jazzy little number and some decorations.

woman in multicoloured dress


When it comes to boys at festivals, you can go one of two ways: do your own thing and wear exactly what you want OR you can align yourself with every other male in your vicinity and come armed with camo, a bucket hat, an oversized vintage shirt and comedy sunnies, which make the lights look “lit af”.

I would encourage sticking to your style, but everyone loves to dress up sometimes, so here are some suggestions to slide into the British f***boy culture…

Remember, this style is somewhere between channelling your granny, your school geography teacher and Ant and Dec in their Byker Grove days. Also, you’ll need to shop almost exclusively from ASOS Marketplace and Depop.

1. Start with the basics, the bucket hat. If it’s camo, even better.

2. Next up, the shirt. Be sure to check your dad’s holiday wardrobe and all local charity shops before heading to the high street where they’ll bang an extra £20 on something for it having been worn on a beach in Magaluf in 1976.

man in multicolour shirt

The first lecture

The Idea is to look smart, sophisticated and stylish… without looking swatty, sweaty or stuck-up.

Get your ultimate pair of jeans now and wear them until they have too many gravy stains to be able to count and the crotch has entirely ripped.


Topshop gives you so much denim choice … boys, head to Topman, or River Island.

The mom jean is the ultimate way to prove you no longer need your mum or at least pretend that.


The decision definitely teeters on how far you’re taking that f***boy image, if you’re going the full way, go for spray-on, if you value the contents of your balls and have a little more style, opt for tapered.

You can’t wear your new denim on its own, so you’re going to have to find something suitable to match up with.


This is where you turn to somewhere like Nobody’s Child for a smart-chic blouse.


This is where you fly solo because good old male privilege would probably let you turn up in a bin bag, wear what’s comfortable and what makes you most confident; and if in doubt, muted colours.

Author’s note: I really hope this is of use, as I have now blown my whole summer budget on online shopping. Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wearing your PJs to lectures by week 3.

Good luck out there.

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Molly Wilsonon 11 September 2018