Four of the best ways to work during your degree

Julia Marolton 31 January 2022
Four of the best ways to work during your degree

From part-time and weekend jobs to digital content creation and online surveys, here are some of our best ways to make money as a university student.


Working part-time is a great solution for any student who needs extra time to study as it grants you more flexibility. It is a great way to ensure you have enough money. Many places are in need of part-time staff, and handing out your CV to local cafés, pubs and shops is a good way to get started. Looking for a job can be daunting, especially if it’s your first job. But if you keep at it, you’ll eventually find something fitting your needs.

Weekend job

Like part-time jobs, weekend jobs can be balanced with your studies. They’re also a good way of avoiding nights out in the run-up to your exams. You’ll be much better off financially and academically if you choose to work weekends.


Tutoring is popular with many students as it allows you to earn money while practising the fundamentals of your degree subject. It’s an effective study method, as explaining an idea to someone else demonstrates your understanding of the topic.

Unlike part-time weekend jobs, tutoring work should be easy to find if you advertise yourself on forums and noticeboards. You can choose to tutor online or face-to-face.

Online jobs

You can do all sorts of online jobs, from digital content creation to web designing or blogging. You can also make an easy quid by completing surveys on platforms such as our Student Panel.

Online jobs are great as they grant you the freedom to work from the comfort of your own bed. You can do the work on a schedule that works for you.

Julia Marolton 31 January 2022