Five reasons to study politics

Molly Abaion 19 April 2022
Nighttime shot of Big Ben and the houses of parliament

Considering studying politics? Here’s why you should.

Politics is a subject that goes beyond the classroom and affects our daily lives. Understanding politics means understanding much of how everyday life works. Still not convinced? Here are seven reasons to study Politics:

Politics is alive

Politics connects people everywhere. It helps to keep our interconnected world alive, particularly in times of crisis where we can feel cut off.

It can feel like everything we study is purely academic, but the world of Politics is always changing. Keeping up with global developments allows you to evaluate the present and improve your mindset every single day. Who could lose interest in something that’s constantly changing?

It’s everywhere 

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” - Pericles

If politics is unavoidable, we might as well try and understand it. Often, you take it in without realising. . Politics and media are capable of uplifting voices from communities you may have never heard of, giving the marginalised a chance to be seen.

Understand the root causes

Unless you get to the root of political problems, they will persist. You can’t just bandage a wound and expect it to heal. We’re all changemakers in our own ways, with our own political passions. Many problems within society can be solved through politics. Remember that the solutions can often be found where the problem was first discovered.

Empower yourself 

Learning about current events and looking at the change that was inspired in the past can strengthen your pride in your identity and community. Politics helps us to understand ourselves and others.

Group of people at a protest

Learn your rights

Knowing your rights gives you power and freedom. 

People who don’t understand their rights can be taken advantage of. They are especially important while criminal injustices still happen frequently. A proper understanding of the law can ensure your legal safety.

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Molly Abaion 19 April 2022