Five reasons to pass your driving test before you graduate

Chloe Martell of Marmalade Car Insuranceon 23 June 2020
Five reasons to pass your driving test before you graduate

If you’re in sixth-form or uni, there are a lot of life changes coming your way – and one of the most exciting milestones is that you’ll finally be able to learn how to drive!

For some people, getting behind the wheel is one of the first things they’ll do when they turn 17. But for others, it might not be your priority to immediately start driving. Whether driving is top of your to-do list or something of an afterthought, we think there’s a strong argument to be had for passing before you graduate – here’s why:

1. You’re more likely to pass at 17 

Yes, you read that right. Learners who take their driving test at 17 are more likely to pass! Our data shows that from 2009-2019, the average pass rate of someone aged 17 was 55.8%. This data also shows that unfortunately, the older you get, the lower your chance of passing becomes – so get in there early to avoid worrying about expensive failed tests. 

2. Better job prospects 

When you graduate, you don’t want there to be any restrictions when it comes to bagging the job of your dreams. Lots of employers require you to have a full driving licence, so getting this under your belt before you leave university could open up a world of opportunities for you.

3. You’ll save money

Believe it or not, passing your test as soon as possible after you turn 17 is a great way to save some pennies, and here’s why:

  • If you pass your test before going to uni and then hold off on getting a car until you graduate, you will have held your licence for 3-4 years already. This can save you loads on your insurance costs.
  • If you have annual car insurance whilst you’re at university, either on your own car or a parent’s car, you’ll start to earn your own No Claims discount. This will give you even more savings on your insurance when you graduate. 

4. Continued independence

One of the best aspects of university life is independence, right? You’re away from home and able to do whatever you like, whenever you like (within reason!).

But, what happens if you end up moving back in with Mum and Dad for a bit once you graduate? Returning home after years of autonomy at uni can be a tricky adjustment. But, having a license will free you up to retain some of that independence, especially if you have your own car. You can go on road trips, visit your uni mates and even go on holiday if you’re feeling up for the journey. And best of all, you can still enjoy Mum’s cooking. Win-win! 

5. It’s one less thing to worry about 

When you graduate, the world is your oyster in that you can do whatever you want with your life. Having a driving licence already in the bag means one less big task on your to-do list after you leave the world of early lectures and boozy socials behind. Perhaps you’ll decide you want to live further away from your university or hometown; a ready-made driving licence means that you can easily commute to and from different places without splurging on an expensive season ticket.

If you want to get behind the wheel, check out Marmalade’s Learner Driver Insurance; now could be the perfect time to start your driving journey!

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Chloe Martell of Marmalade Car Insuranceon 23 June 2020