Five reasons to do a part-time master's

Sophia Lamberton 25 November 2022
Postgraduate student

Online? Full-time? Hybrid? Let’s break down the reasons to study a part-time master's.

There are loads of ways to keep your studies going and understanding the different modes of study is important. If you're thinking about doing postgraduate studies, here are some reasons you should consider doing it part-time.


Speaking from experience, studying a master's full-time is really intense. But, it's more manageable if you choose to study part-time because most unis will allow you to arrange things around your work commitments. For example, if you have a full-time job, then you can speak to your tutors about staggering your assignments to ensure your workload is manageable.

Whether you're studying a Master's full-time or part-time, it's important to remember that you still need strong time management skills to stay on track.

Less intense

Part-time study means that your course will run much slower, rather than cramming everything into one year. You'll have longer breaks between submitting assignments, and your modules are spread out over two years.

Plus, if you're planning on doing a taught Master's, then you have longer to develop your dissertation proposal.

Boost your employability

Studying a part-time master's means you'll have more time to take up opportunities that boost your employability. You'll be able to build your CV with internships, volunteering or doing work experience alongside your studies. 

It's important to remember that going to university isn't just about studying. Developing a strong CV while studying shows you have good time management skills and are passionate about your field.  

If you can, then take advantage of any internship or work experience modules or opportunities available during your master's. These types of opportunities are an excellent way to network with future employers and people working in the sector you'd like to land a job in.

Enjoying student life for longer

Who doesn't love a good discount? Your bank account will thank you for studying a master's for two years instead of one because you'll still be entitled to get student discounts on everything from council tax and nights out to train travel.


One of the main benefits of studying a Master's course part-time is that it's more affordable than completing one full-time because you can work more hours while studying and spread your fees out over two years.

If you can show your boss that your master's will add to your professional development, it's worth seeing if your employer will sponsor you. This is an easy way to save yourself from having to apply for funding and scholarships for fees.

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Sophia Lamberton 25 November 2022