Five hearty recipes to keep you warm this winter

Natalia Wilkowskaon 21 December 2021
Five hearty recipes to keep you warm this winter

Wondering how to keep warm this winter? These hearty recipes will keep you toasty and energised from morning 'til evening.

Winter may be the most wonderful time of the year, but that can all change when you’re cold, hungry and miserable. Avoid the seasonal blues with these four winter warmer recipes:

Toasted breakfast wrap

You’ve heard it already, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. What you eat in the morning can really set the tone for how the rest of the day is going to go, soo don't skimp when it comes to breakfast. Wraps are great because they’re easy to prepare and, if you want to save time in the morning, you can make them the evening before. You can make some killer breakfast wraps using these ingredients:

  • Two tortillas
  • Two eggs
  • Chicken, ham, or any meat-free protein (optional)
  • A mixture of your favourite greens (I like to use cucumber, pepper and lettuce, dressed with two teaspoons of mustard and a drizzle of olive oil)

Mix the eggs with some salt and pepper, as well as any other seasonings you like and fry them omelette-style. Cut these into strips, brush the tortillas your preferred sauce, and wrap the ingredients. Toast your wrap for a few minutes and then tuck into your warm, filling breakfast.


Soup is a perfect winter warmer, as it’s easy to make and extremely hearty. One of my favourites is this chicken soup recipe: add some chicken, peeled carrots, celery, leeks and parsnips to a pot that’s three quarters full of water . You can add some pepper at this point for an extra kick. Bring the pot to the boil before simmering the contents for around 3 hours, and voila; your soup is ready!

If you want to go for a different flavour profile, this soup is also delicious when you add tinned tomatoes. Cook your favourite pasta as well to make you feel full

For a veggie alternative, you can make chickpea soup. This one is perfect for those frosty days.

If using fresh chickpeas, prepare them the day before by soaking them in water overnight. Finely dice an onion and sauté it in a pot until browned. Add two medium jars of tomato paste and stir for a while before adding some curry and chilli powder, as well as a few cloves of garlic. Simmer for an hour before adding your chickpeas. Finally, add parsley a few minutes before serving. This soup will warm you up immediately and ensure you won’t be going hungry for the next few hours.

Roasted chicken

The best dishes are the ones that don’t involve loads of cleaning up after yourself and for this recipe, you’ll only need one oven dish.

Season a chicken breast with half a teaspoon of thyme, two tablespoons of chicken seasoning, one teaspoon of sweet pepper, a pinch of curry powder and a splash of olive oil, leaving this to marinate for at least two hours (preferable overnight). When ready, wrap the meat in foil and bake it at 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Slice before serving.

For a side I’d recommend preparing some roast potatoes before making a start on your chicken. Boil two potatoes and cut them into pieces, before them with olive oil, garlic powder and dried herbs. Bake them for approximately one hour at 180 degrees to complete this hearty dish.

Hearty hot chocolate 

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of cocoa on a winter evening? For a luxurious mug, pour some milk and double cream into a saucepan and warm it up. Before it comes to the boil, stir in your hot chocolate powder and leave it to simmer. For extra richness, you can add some chocolate shavings, vanilla extract, or even a splash of Baileys. Delicious!

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Natalia Wilkowskaon 21 December 2021