Five fun TikTok challenges to try with your friends

Julia Marolton 21 January 2022
Five fun TikTok challenges to try with your friends

Fun TikTok challenges provide innovative ways to mess around with your friends. With nothing more than a phone and a soundtrack, you can create some really amazing content.

If you need some inspiration to get you started, here are five of the best TikTok challenges to try with your friends:

Dance challenges

With exciting new dance routines coming out every week on TikTok, there’s plenty of inspiration out there. Challenge your friends to see which one of you has the best moves. There’s a wide variety of TikTok dances for all skill levels to choose from, so all of you can enjoy participating as you get your groove on.

@mrs.irishbella Ga kelar kelar masak kalau kaya gini hahahaha🤪🤪 #irishbella #ammarzoni #airrumiakbar1453 #aishtv #fyp #dancechallenge ♬ Breakfast Challenge Song (Slowly) - Spence

Plank Challenge

This challenge will test your friends’ strength and balance. The Plank Challenge involves choosing a song and getting down into a plank position; the person who manages to to hold themselves up for the duration of the song wins the challenge.

There are numerous ways this challenge can be done, so try out a few, press record, and have fun as the challenge of strength begins.

@trainerkelli #plankchallenge #quickworkoutsathome #workoutsforwomen #fitnesschallenge #workoutchallenge #workoutchallenge2021 ♬ original sound - victorilynntondre3

Level up challenge

For this challenge, grab some books, toilet paper, or anything that can easily be stacked. The aim is to see who can jump the highest and over the most items. Slowly begin stacking or “leveling up" your objects as you each take turns jumping over it. The person who manages to jump over the most items successfully wins the challenge.*

@azchpn どちらが勝つかな❓👑Which is the winner? #tikdog #levelupchallenge #fyp #dog #dogsoftiktok #foryourpage #犬 #トイプードル #チワワ ♬ Level Up - Ciara

*Try and be sensible for this one - Student Hut takes no responsibility for any mishaps!

Flip the switch challenge 

You can try this popular TikTok challenge with any number of friends. Stand In front of a mirror with your recording, turn the light off, and pause the video. Quickly swap outfits and places with your friends and press record again as you turn the lights back on and hey presto! You’ve switched places.

@jlo Wait for it...😂♥️ @arod13 ♬ Nonstop - Dallin and Bella

Koala challenge

This is a challenge of strength with a tricky problem-solving twist. One person stands up straight with their arms to the side acting as the base whilst another person hangs off them and tries to climb across the person like a koala bear in a tree. This challenge is best done with two people but is equally fun with more. It might take a bit of practice to complete with your friends, but every attempt will be super entertaining.

@rociogonnzalez @isakulxd #reto #parati #foryou #koalachallenge ♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) - Favorite Movie Songs

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Julia Marolton 21 January 2022