Five fun things to do in Leicester

Natalia Wilkowskaon 28 February 2022
Photo taken from the ground of a street in Leicester, with a reflection in the puddle

A historic town in the East Midlands, Leicester is a student-friendly destination with lots to do.

Leicester is one of the best UK cities for students! There are plenty of bars, pubs, and other things to do. Nature lovers will be pleased to know it’s also full of green areas and parks. Here are five of our favourite things to do in Leicester: 

Mini golf

Mini golf is a fun idea for friends’ nights out and date nights alike. They have different themed courses, meaning you can choose the one you like the most. Two particularly interesting courses are Caddyshackers and Treetop Adventure Golf. Both are located in the city centre and easy to get to. Caddyshackers is the zaniest crazy golf course in the city, with 18 holes on the course. The whacky venue is plastered with graffiti, toilet humour, and innuendos. 

At Treetop Adventure Golf, you can attempt the Tropical or Ancient Explorer Trail, before taking on the bonus 19th hole to win a free round. Both venues offer a wide range of colourful drinks and delicious food. You can pop in without a reservation or book online if you like to plan ahead.


There are a few places in Leicester where you can test your climbing skills. One of the most famous venues is Social Climbing in the city centre. This is a great place to socialise for beginners and climbing experts alike. They have all sorts of climbing classes available, including beginner and intermediate classes, and an introduction to bouldering. You can also book a one to one session or group coaching, depending on what works best for you. Brace yourself and take up the challenge.


Boost Trampoline Park is a must on the list of fun-filled activities in Leicester. This huge park includes a main area with over 50 trampolines, basketball hoops, and a battle beam so you can attempt some gladiator-style clashes with your friends. There’s also a massive foam pit waiting for you to jump in from the diving board or angled trampoline. These are just a few of the treats that are waiting for you there. Grab your friends and jump together. It's a great way to let off some steam after a long week at uni.

Bars and pubs

Leicester is a city famous for its bars and pubs. Visit Manhattan34 if you're into fancy cocktails and elegant decor. 

BrewDog is there for those of you who fancy a more chilled spot to drink. It's a great place to grab some craft beer and a burger. Try their arcade games or book a pool table to have fun with your squad. There is also a secret bar in the city centre. To get in, you need to find and knock on the door. An interesting idea for a mysterious night out.

Beautiful surroundings 

If you’re more of a nature lover, there are plenty of parks and green spots. Tropical Birdland is definitely worth visiting. This unique attraction is home to over 250 birds. This includes stunning free-flying parrots that come from all around the world. Sounds cool, right? You could also wander around green spaces like Abbey Park or Bradgate Park. The breathtaking scenery, beautiful views, and adorable animals are all worth it.


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Natalia Wilkowskaon 28 February 2022