5 ways to celebrate your first post-lockdown birthday

Molly Judgeon 29 June 2021

How are you planning on spending your first birthday after lockdown? Get our ultimate guide to planning the most epic birthday yet. Go on, you deserve it.

Thought you’d be one of the lucky ones who got away with a lockdown birthday? Sigh. We’ve all had at least one birthday that consisted of little more than a walk, a takeaway and drinking games in our living room. Nothing says happy birthday like a Zoom quiz, right? But luckily, pubs and restaurants are now open, and with 19th July fast approaching, it’s time to plan an epic birthday!

With a particular focus on all the things that you couldn’t do during lockdown, here are some post-lockdown birthday ideas that are sure to make up for those celebrations spent indoors. 

1. Hit up the spa

If the prospect of returning to normal life induces anxiety, why not try out the spa for a calm step back to ‘normality’. If you’re on a budget, keep it simple and chill in a hot tub with your mates. But for the boujee experience, opt for massages and hot rocks. Even better, find an AirBnB with a hot tub to make a real weekend of it!

2. Go to a karaoke bar

Say goodbye to singing alone in the shower and hello to your new rockstar career. After more than a year, you can unleash your inner Beyonce to the world and, more importantly, prove to yourself that all the time you spent learning Tiktok dances wasn’t a total waste of time!

3. Bounce at the trampoline park

Forget bouncing off the walls out of sheer boredom - release your inner child with a session at the trampoline park. They have stepped up their game in recent years, and many now have adult hours later on with a bar, total wipeout and parkour sections. So, go on, enact the spirit of The Office’s ‘hardcore parkour’, or simply take advantage of the opportunity to whack that slightly annoying friend with a giant soft cushiony thing. We know you want to.   

4. Go on a trip to the beach 

For those of you still nervous about being in crowds, take a trip to nature. Soak up the rays and have fun in the sun. From swimming to sunbathing, walking, having a barbeque, or renting a paddleboard, your birthday can be as relaxing or as action-packed as you like. Plus, you can invite as many or as few people along with you.

Wondering which beach to hit up? Here are our top five

5. Create your own bar crawl

There’s no way we could discuss post-lockdown birthdays without suggesting a bar crawl. Split your group into teams and plan challenges, competitions or a treasure hunt. There are so many ways to make a bar crawl epic this year. Plus, you’ll be in control of the bars and pubs you go to.

Although we advocate fun and epicness, follow social distancing wherever possible so everyone can have fun and stay safe. 

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Molly Judgeon 29 June 2021