Boujee on a Budget

Dina Mouhandes on 25 November 2019

The gifting season is well and truly upon us. But wait, you’ve already spent the majority of your student loan on everything you did not need but absolutely had to have .

*cough- a ridiculous amount ASOS orders- cough*.

Don’t panic yet though, we’ve all been there. That’s why we’ve put together a list of boujee presents which are also kind to your wallet. This way, you'll be able to get each of your loved ones gets something snazzy.

Personalised Diaries

Because you can’t go wrong with a bit of personalisation. A diary completely unique to your friend or family member is both sentimental and useful. Uncle Bazza will be so pleased and best of all, you can get a decent one on a budget!

Funky Pigeon has some great options starting at only £14.99. 

DIY Treats Gift Bag

A simple yet genius idea. And the great thing about the festive period is the sheer volume of chocolate tins and endless bags of sweets on sale. 

A few boxes of treats and some paper gift bags from Amazon (from only £1.35) will be enough to create plenty of lovely treat bags for your loved ones.

Try decorating them with some Christmas ribbon and decorations to really up the boujee!

Microwaveable Slippers

Because what says 'I love you but I’m broke' like a pair of microwaveable boots?

They're cosy, they're cute, and they'll keep your feet as snug as a bug in a rug.

You can grab yourself a pair of these furry warmers from Amazon for only £14.50.

Wooden Foot Massager

And keeping with the theme of 'treat your feet', Amazon are selling a wooden foot massager for only £9.99.

The family member who always moans about their achy feet can finally massage both at once with this gem.

Chocolate Fountain

This is not a drill.

You can legit get a 3 tier chocolate fountain for only for only £14.99 from clas ohlson.

You can thank us later when everyone is obsessing over their delicious snacks dipped into melted chocolate.

Photo Collage 

It’s sentimental and you can do it cheaply. A photo collage is a wonderful way to display some beautiful memories of you and your favourite people, and makes for a great gift!

If you’re not a photoshop whizz have no fear, there are plenty of online tools that can help. Canva is free and pretty easily to use, and Snapfish also have some great photo album and collage options. All you’ll need to do is buy the frame, and voila! Boots is also a great shout for some cheap ones.

Smartphone Projector

We all have that one family member who likes to show us endless snapshots of their pets and getaways to Mallorca...looking at you Auntie Carol. 

And to show them you care (even though you really don’t) you can get a smartphone projector for only £10.97 on mymemory

Scribble Writing Alarm Clock

We’ve all got a forgetful relative, so why not get them something really useful? PrezzyBox is selling a scribble writing alarm clock for £12.99! It also looks pretty cool.

We hope you find this list useful and within budget of what you have to spend this Christmas. Of course it’s the thought that counts over anything else, so try not to stress yourself out over needing to make a big gesture! 

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Dina Mouhandes
Dina Mouhandes on 25 November 2019