What Your Favourite Stationery Says About You

Libby Tiernanon 26 July 2019
What Your Favourite Stationery Says About You

Every student has an assortment of stationery, but it's no secret we all have our favourite bit of kit. Find out what yours says about you!

Like everything these days, your stationery choice is deeply embroiled in psychology, and whether you plump for a wax crayon or a glitter gel pen could reveal deep truths about your life. Simply put, this could well be your new horoscope.

1. The Essentials

If your favourite stationery item is a ruler, a pencil or a biro, you’re pretty easily pleased. You see no reason to over-complicate your life with unnecessary drama and tackle each problem as it presents itself.


2. Rubber

If you think no pencil case is complete without a rubber, you’re a certified imperfectionist. Not only do you own your flaws, but you flaunt them too. And most importantly, you’re a firm believer in taking risks.

3. Stickers

Here, ladies and gents, is the prime example of a dreamer. See their notebook is embellished with holographic stickers and patterned tape. If your favourite stationery comes with an adhesive backing, I can guarantee that you’re the creative sort who isn’t afraid to sow a bit of individuality.

4. A Fancy Pen

If you could be found swishing away with a fountain pen, it’s likely you’re someone who enjoys the finer aspects of life. Someone who splashes out for an extra side at Nando’s or gets an Uber instead of the bus.


5. Highlighter Pen

Why blend in with the rest of the text when you could stand out? If your favourite stationery is a highlighter, you’re an independent soul. It’s no secret that you love to stand out from the crowd, and you highlighter folk certainly know what you want and when you want it.


6. Pencil Sharpener

The pencil sharpener enthusiasts among us prefer things to be exact. You don’t do things by halves and rarely settle for imperfection.


7. Scissors

If your favourite stationery is scissors, you’re something of a rebel without a cause. You prefer to create your own boundaries, to cut and stick wherever you please to create a situation which best suits you. Plus, you never know when you might need to neaten the edges of a sheet.

Libby Tiernanon 26 July 2019