12 epic things to do in the summer before university

Maddy McKennaon 26 May 2021

Are you wondering how to spend your last summer before university? Make the most of it with these top tips.

Get ready to throw your exam papers in the air in a High School Musical-esque style and get ready for the best summer of your life. Finishing your A Levels is an achievement that shouldn’t be downplayed; here’s how to make the last summer before university truly epic. 

1. Make a summer bucket list

First things first - make a list. This doesn’t have to include wild, crazy activities. Instead, plan all of the trips and nights out that you’ve been craving since lockdown began. 

2. Host a dinner party

If your friends are going to different cities to study in September, it’s important to make the most of their company over the summer. Host a pot-luck party where everyone brings a different dish or simply wow your friends with your improved culinary skills. Can’t be bothered to cook? Order a Domino’s pizza and host a movie night instead. 

3. Do something unexpected

When you look back on the summer before university, you will want to feel a sense of achievement and growth. Of course, this summer marks the transition from being an inbetweener to becoming a self-sufficient adult. Prove to yourself that you’ve got what it takes to take on the world - bungee jump or sky-dive, anyone? 

4. Learn a language

If you’re planning on studying a language at university or you’re jetting off for your degree, then practise the lingo, so the transition isn’t quite so tough. 

5. Go on a road trip

Summer movies just wouldn’t be complete without a road trip, and neither should your holidays. What better way to spend your summer than a cross-country trip with your mates? Whether it’s around Scotland, through the Cotswolds or along the Atlantic Highway, create a summer playlist and blast your tunes while exploring.

6. Go travelling

If you’ve not got a license or a friend who can drive, what other way to spend the summer than jetting off to sunnier climates? Countries like Spain and Portugal are opening up again, so jet off for some sun, sea and sangria. Plus, you’ll be able to take some Insta-worthy pics for the gram. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and other essentials!

And, remember to check the guidelines as they are subject to change. 

7. Learn how to drive

It’s unlikely you’ll need a car at university, but you don’t want to be that person who has to bring their passport as a form of ID. Plus, you’ll be so busy at university (and most likely skint) that you won’t have time or money to learn. So, spend your summer productively and get your license.

8. Get lost in IKEA

Everyone loves a good trip to IKEA, and now you’ve got an excuse to buy the whole shop: It’s time to go shopping for university!

9. Get a tattoo

What better way to show you’re over 18 and oh-so-carefree than with permanent ink? Just make sure to research the tattoo artist and choose a design that you won’t regret!

10. Go on a bike ride

Sitting in bed watching Netflix is only fun for a couple of days. Revisit your childhood with a bike ride along the seafront, to a local park or to pick up some food shopping. Aside from feeling like the kids from Stranger Things, you’ll also benefit from the exercise and fresh air. 

11. Go on a pub crawl 

Those of you who have turned 18, congratulations, you can psych yourself up for university pub crawls. Hop from pub to pub with your mates in a city you’ve never been to before. You’ll also make some new friends, which is great practice for Freshers Week!

12. Relax by the beach

After working hard for your A-Levels, you deserve some chill time. Plus, we’ve been stuck indoors for the last year and a half, so it’s important to get some fresh air. If you don’t live near a beach, explore seaside haunts like Cornwall, Brighton or Dorset and discover your new favourite home away from home. 

Well, there you have it - the ultimate list of things to do before uni. If you’ve got a little extra time over the summer and want to prepare for university life, then make sure to read our checklist for the best ways to prepare for Freshers Week.

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Maddy McKennaon 26 May 2021