Easy life hacks to help you stay cool

Natalia Wilkowskaon 3 August 2022
Make sure you stay cool this summer

It’s getting hotter every year and UK buildings aren’t always made for it. Here’s how you can stay cool in extreme heat.

Sooo, it got pretty hot there for a second, right? Like, scary hot. So hot in fact that England saw the driest July since 1911. Hopefully, we’ve had the Big Heat Wave for this summer, but just in case it comes back…here are a couple of ways to stay comfortable in the hot weather.

Get out of the kitchen!

Spending time in a hot and stuffy kitchen isn’t a good idea when the outside temperatures are soaring well past 30 degrees. Give up heavy dishes in favour of healthy, light meals. It’s a good idea to move the kitchen to the garden - a bbq party! In addition, it’s worth visiting the local market for the best quality fruit. They’re full of vitamins and can be a refreshing snack in the heat.

Fun fact: spicy dishes will bring you relief! There’s a reason why dishes from warmer climates are often quite spicy. After eating a spicy dish, you’ll sweat more and the sweat evaporates for a pleasant cooling sensation. Just stay hydrated, obviously…

Drinks, drinks, drinks!

On hot days, there's nothing better than your favourite iced drink. Cold drinks can bring good but temporary relief to the heat. You can experiment with different types of fruit and even vegetables to create refreshing cocktails (or mocktails) and smoothies for hot days. Add a few ice cubes to the blender to avoid waiting for your drink to cool down, or add a little more ice to create a slushy drink.

It’s essential to stay hydrated at all times. Remember to drink water regularly in small portions to keep your body hydrated and in good condition. Plenty of water will keep unpleasant headaches away. Fruits like watermelon and grapes have loads of water in them too, so get them chilled and enjoy them on hot days.

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol on hot days is bad for our bodies. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it accelerates the dehydration process. For every alcoholic drink you have, have a glass of water.

Another fun fact: hot mint tea will keep you cool and fresh. Egyptians and Moroccans use this trick, and it’s stood the test of time. 

Cool down your body

It is important to know your body's cooling points, like the nape, wrists, inside elbows, and inside knees. Cooling these points down with ice cubes or a cold compress, will cool you down in seconds. The feet are also an important point to consider.

If you feel really hot, pour cold water into a bowl and dip your feet in it for a few minutes. You can add some of your favourite essential oil - refreshing fragrances such as mint, lemon or lavender will be the best choice.

When you really feel that you are about to melt, take a quick, cool shower, this is the best way to cool your whole body, wash away sweat and completely refresh yourself. But don't make the water too cold to avoid thermal shock.

Dress appropriately

Definitely change your wardrobe for the summer. Clothes made of natural fabrics, e.g. cotton or linen, will work best. They’re breathable, so your sweat can evaporate easier. Try to choose bright colours that reflect the sun. Not only will it keep you cool, it helps your tan look much better!

It’s crucial that you protect your head from the sun. It can be really dangerous and can lead to headaches, even sometimes leading to overheating or sunstroke. So, remember to take a head covering with you every time you go out. It could be anything - a cap, hat or bandana.

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Natalia Wilkowskaon 3 August 2022