How to deal with a difficult breakup at university

Imi Fellon 28 May 2022
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Sometimes your love life can make uni life harder, check out our tips for how to deal with the break up of a long-term relationship.

If you’re dealing with a difficult breakup at uni, the first thing to remember is that breakups are hard and it's normal to feel down. Whatever emotions you are feeling are totally natural and you’re not the only one going through them. Give yourself space to deal with them, and practise some self-love.

If you’re looking for ways to deal with a breakup, here are our top tips:

Reach out to people

Reach out to your friends and tell them how you’re feeling. Friends always have something positive to say and can be great for a cuddle during difficult times. Be honest with them about your feelings.

Reaching out to family can help too. While talking to a parent about your love life can be awkward, you might find that this actually brings you closer together.

Make lists

Breakups can be disorientating. Writing things down on paper or in a notebook can help you organise your thoughts. Writing a list of positive things you have achieved today or what you want to get done this week can have a really good impact. You could also write a list of positive things to come out of your breakup, such as:

  • Do you have more time to focus on yourself?
  • Are you looking forward to not having to worry about crumbs in the duvet anymore?
  • Did you learn anything positive from this relationship about love?
  • What activities do you want to do with friends?


Sometimes a breakup can feel like you have a big hole in your life where a person used to be. Try filling your time with activities to keep yourself busy. For example, you could try to get outside at least once a day, even if it's just a short walk. Make time for socialising, uni work, and self-care.

Treat yourself

Whatever the reason you broke up with your partner, you are a unique and beautiful person. Be sure to look after yourself with a nice treat like a tasty home-cooked meal, a takeaway, or a film night with friends.


Often in the stress of uni life, we can be so caught up with deadlines or socialising that spending some downtime out in nature can take a back seat. Wherever you go to uni, whether it’s in a city or somewhere less built up, spend some time in nice green spaces to ground yourself.

Eat healthily

It's great to pamper yourself with a cheeky takeaway when you’re feeling down, but it's also important to treat your body with care and kindness. Try to eat lots of vegetables and don’t drink excessively.

Get creative

When you have no more tears left to cry, grab a pad of paper and some pens, pick up an instrument, or start a new passion project. Let those emotions flow into something creative. 

Many famous artists created some of their best work while struggling with their mental health or emotions, so take some time to self-reflect and use this awful time as an opportunity to transform yourself into a better you.

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Imi Fellon 28 May 2022