Choosing your uni halls: five things to consider

Natalia Wilkowskaon 25 August 2021
Choosing your uni halls: five things to consider

Moving to uni accommodation is a huge decision to undertake. This guide will help you to make the right choice.

Leaving your family home and heading off to university isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. There are loads of factors to contemplate, especially when it comes to choosing accommodation. Do you want a private or shared bathroom? Are you planning to cook your meals, or do you want to be catered to? Here are some of the things you should be considering when choosing:

1. Proximity to campus  

How close you are to your campus is one of the most important factors. It’s essential to find out how long it takes to get there from your halls. You’ll thank us after your first midweek student night out when you’re scrambling to get your things together before your 9 AM. Remember that the further away you are, the earlier you’ll have to wake up.

If your university is non-campus and spread across the city, find out where your faculty buildings are to inform your decision.

2. Find somewhere that matches your standards  

The quality of your future uni room matters a lot. You’ll be spending most of your time there, so be sure to choose somewhere you’d be happy to call home. Would you be happy to use a shared bathroom? See if the kitchen is up to scratch and find out which appliances you’ll have access to. You don’t want everyone to show up on the first day only to realise nobody brought a kettle.

3. Assess the costs of living

Price is a huge factor when choosing your accommodation. While it would be nice to stay in the fanciest halls available, how will that affect your student budget in the longer term? Take your time to review what you’re paying for and find out whether bills such as gas, electricity and water are included. If you make concessions on your accommodation, you’ll have more money for shopping and going out.

4. Seek more opinions

Try getting in touch with current or former residents of the halls you’re interested in, or check online reviews to get a more rounded perspective. You could also email the university staff to see if they have any recommendations for you. My top hint would be to join any Facebook groups related to the halls, so find out which issues are facing the current students.

5. The decision is yours

Don’t feel pressured by anyone else’s standards when selecting your new place. The final say is always yours, so trust your gut instincts if something doesn’t seem right. Remember, you’ll be spending at least the next year of your life here!

Sharing any concerns you have with family or friends can help. Their advice could be the difference between choosing the home from hell or the student pad of your dreams. Whatever you do, make sure it’s a decision you’re comfortable with.

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Natalia Wilkowskaon 25 August 2021