Cheap Christmas gifts for your Mum

Kayla Jenkinson 5 November 2018
Cheap Christmas gifts for your Mum

Because you wanna show you love her…but damn, that overdraft can’t take anymore. Here are some gifts for her (or gifts for any woman in your life, we don’t mind) that won’t break the bank.

1. Scented candle.

You can find them in most homeware shops, they’re cheap, they smell good, and DAMN, did we mention they’re cheap. Bonus points if you get to go round the store smelling all of them first. You know, for research purposes. If you fancy splurging, go all out on a famous Yankee candle.

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2. Pamper set.

Now, there are a couple of ways you can go about this one. You can either buy a premade one or, and this is the option we prefer, make your own! Just buy a few cheap face masks, bath bombs or moisturiser (or a combo of anything pamper-y), whack ‘em in a pretty wicker basket and slap a bow on top. Voila. You’re basically a full-time employee of Lush.

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3. Microwaveable teddy.

These can easily be found online or in any store such as B&Ms, especially as the colder months sneak in. they’re cheap, cute, cuddly, smell gooooood, and EVERY girl could do with one around a certain time of the month if ya catch our drift.

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4. Cute home decorations.

What you do with this depends on the age of the lucky lady in your life. If it’s a mum, she’ll probably love a sweet knitted throw for the bed or sofa, or else a nice cushion. Just make sure it colour coordinates with the rest of the room, or momma gonna be mad. If it’s a gift for someone younger, cute fairy lights are always a win. Think of the aesthetic.

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5. Photo prints.

Most women are suckers for anything sentimental, and so if you’re looking for a cheap way to win a way into their hearts (or gain the title of favourite child), print off some lovely family photographs. You can put them in a scrapbook and be as arty (or not arty…minimal is also cool) as you like, and she’ll love it either way. If a scrapbook isn’t your thing, try getting a photo printed on a blanket or canvas.

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6. Scarf.

If you’re really strapped for cash, a scarf may be the way to go. Nip down to any cheap clothing store such as Primark, browse their scarf selection and pick the one you think will make your mam (or sister, or aunt, or girlfriend, or…you get the picture) the happiest. If you really wanna go all out, choose a complimentary hat or leave a note saying that you think this will really suit them. Confidence boosts are always needed, folks.

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7. Makeup.

Know of a certain product that they’ve been really wanting for a while? And it doesn’t break the bank? Get it for them! Not only will they be smiling, but so will your last few quid of savings. If you aren’t sure what they want, either drop subtle hints to try and coax it out of them or play it safe and choose a couple of cute nail polish or lipstick shades, drop them in a pretty gift bag, sorted.

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8. Make your own.

The possibilities are endless. You can buy a cheap mug you think they will like and fill it with a sachet of hot chocolate and a lil bag of marshmallows. You can fill a box full of wax melts (hand pick the scents you think she would like, of course!). Get a mason jar and fill it with a cocktail mixer (If you’re of age, of course). If you’re really struggling, just write a letter of how much she means to you, and draw a shitty coupon book for future coffee dates when you can afford it more.

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Here are a couple of other ideas of gifts for her:

- Reed diffuser

- Perfume

- A gift card

- Teddy bear

- A new dressing gown, PJs or slippers

- Tin of biscuits

- Makeup bag

- Wine glasses (Or wine!)

- Potted plant

Now go out there and treat that special woman in your life! (And your wallet).

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Kayla Jenkinson 5 November 2018