How to celebrate Results Day when you’re socially distancing

Will Uptonon 4 August 2020
How to celebrate Results Day when you’re socially distancing

In the age of social distancing, what does a celebration of any kind look like now?

With A-Level Results Day this year falling in the middle of a pandemic, it would be easy to just throw in the towel and not celebrate at all. But as it’s such a big deal (especially if you do well), a celebration is fully deserved. Here are five ideas of how to celebrate your results this year:

1. Virtual party

A classic throughout this lockdown period has been using Zoom or Microsoft online meetings to host a virtual party, with one person sending out an invite to all friends so that everyone can enjoy the celebration face to face. As you’ll be interacting over a screen, you’re eliminating any risk altogether, so this one is perfect for those shielding vulnerable family members.

2. Book a cocktail or food truck

Is it really a celebration without food, friends and drinks? By getting a mobile food truck you can get all of this from the comfort of your own house. Your guests can gather outside for their fix, whilst still practising social distancing.

3. Go camping

For the more outdoorsy among you, plan a long weekend to immerse yourself in the countryside. You can sleep in your own tent and cook food on disposable BBQs, while your friends do the same from a safe distance. 

4. Drive-by celebration

If you can drive this is the one for you. Head to a nice open space to park your cars, and spread out - get some music blaring, enjoy some food and drinks (don’t drink and drive!) and each other's company.

5. Picnic party

Get your guests to pack food and drinks for the day and meet in the park, spreading out the blankets to celebrate results day outside with all your friends in a nice open space. 

How are you planning to celebrate Results Day this year? Has Covid-19 ruined your plans or are you going ahead with the party of the year regardless? Let us know @studenthutuk and join our panel to let us know your thoughts. 

Will Uptonon 4 August 2020