Student Finances

Tree growing out of pennies on white table.
Stuck at home with no job, rent payments mounting up and online deliveries burning a hole in your pocket, you’re probably counting the pennies right now.
How to Save Some Pennies This Autumn
With Christmas well on the way and the semester steadily draining your bank account, you’re probably counting every penny until your next loan payment.
Skint? Here’s how to get a job at uni
Revelling in freedom and more cash than you’ve ever had in your life. Spending a few quid here and a few quid there. It’s not that much, is it?
Five bargain iPhone alternatives
Out of contract soon? If the latest iPhone is out of your price range, then don't worry. We've found some great alternatives that won't break the bank!
An woman studying on a laptop.
Most students will suffer through the second half of each term, taking on that last month armed with just a fiver. Don’t be this student. Instead, be smart.
A pot of money spilling out onto a table.
If there’s one thing students are notoriously bad at, it’s saving money. From rent to utilities, nights out to food shops, university is an expensive experience.
The Student Hut Guide To: Insurance
Around a third of students have been the victims of some kind of robberies during their time at uni. Here's a few handy tips on how you can protect your possessions without breaking the bank!
Student Loans: How does it all work?
At a glance, student loans can be difficult to figure out. This guide aims to help you understand the ins-and-outs of student loans, so you can begin university stress-free.
7 Unexpected Ways of Earning Money This Summer
The summer holidays are coming up, and that means freedom at last! No lectures, no exams, no weird flatmates… So many events are held in the summer, and it would be an absolute bummer to miss them.
Gluten Free Supermarket Guide
Odds are you’re not sure what the infamous gluten actually is, nonetheless, avoiding it is more than popular right now, whether that’s by choice or not!