Student Finances

Tree growing out of pennies on white table.
Stuck at home with no job, rent payments mounting up and online deliveries burning a hole in your pocket, you’re probably counting the pennies right now.
How to Save Some Pennies This Autumn
With Christmas well on the way and the semester steadily draining your bank account, you’re probably counting every penny until your next loan payment.
woman using laptop
Wondering how you can afford your degree, when studying is so expensive? Find out how much uni will cost you and what loans you're entitled to.
money coins
If you’re considering doing a Master’s, then you’re probably already asking yourself how you will afford it. Here’s how to make sure you’re financially ready.
The top financial mistakes students make
The student life is great, but your financial choices can catch up with you. Avoid these costly mistakes during your studies and you’ll be set up for life.
The SAS Guide: Saving as a Student
It’s September. You have your own student digs or are in student halls for the first time ever and suddenly the world is your oyster. And your money is your own.
Six ways to make some summer cash
Avoid being broke this summer by using this advice to make yourself a few quid. There's a world of opportunity out there!
Five bargain iPhone alternatives
Out of contract soon? If the latest iPhone is out of your price range, then don't worry. We've found some great alternatives that won't break the bank!