Student Activism

One in five students have been involved in activism, and three in five are still comfortable taking part despite the pandemic. Here's how you can get involved in green activism and spread the word of sustainable living. Let's make a difference together this World Soil Day.
Spotlight Series: Anthony
Today marks the 15th anniversary of Anthony Walker's violent, racist murder. This film, recently released on BBC iPlayer, celebrates Anthony's life and what may have been were he still alive.
So What Actually is the Problem with Plastic in the Ocean?
Need to brush up on your knowledge about one of the biggest threats to the environment right now? We've put together a handy article to give you the low-down on what the issue is with plastics in the ocean and what you can help to do about it.
Black History Month: Why understanding the past is so important
Even in 2018, people seek to overlook and misjudge the achievements of black people across the globe. Scientists, historians, sportspeople, musicians, and activists struggle to have their moment in the spotlight. Black history month gives us an opportunity to celebrate these people, as we should every month, and address the struggle that black people still face in their careers today.
Why Pride Isn’t Just For June
Pride is amazing and has been instrumental in increasing inclusivity of the LGBTQ community but why should it stop as soon as July begins? Here's why the spirit of Pride should be kept year-round, not just for a month.
World Ocean Day: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Boycotting Straws
The government has announced plans to ban plastic straws as early as next year. Your first instinct is probably to run to the supermarket to stock up on a year’s supply of plastic straws. Here’s why that’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing.