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University Graduate - Expectation vs Reality
It's February and you still have not miraculously completed your whole life plan since graduation. In fact, you haven't even dented in to it. Do not fret, there are lots of us that are all in the same position as you. So let's laugh about it, relieve some of the pressure and look forward to what the future has to hold.
What are the Best Summer Jobs for Students?
Getting a job over the summer break is a fantastic way to get yourself some extra cash, plus that all-important work experience for your CV. But what are the most useful summer jobs for students?
11 Money Saving Life Hacks for Students
Managing your money at university can be tough, especially towards the end of term. Make your student loan go further with these useful tips!
7 Ways to Save Money on Food!
Just because you have a Student Loan doesn't make you rich! Use these money saving tips to save you a few quid a week on your food bill.
My Life After University
With many of you graduating this summer, one ex-student writer tells us his experiences of joining the 'real world' after leaving university.
Assessment Centre Top Tips - What Would Beyonce Do?
Have you got an assessment centre coming up? The guys at RMP have channelled their inner diva to come up with what they think Beyoncé would do on the day of her assessment centre. Maybe you guys can pick up some tips too?