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How to Prepare For Life After Univeristy
Wait... No more Monday night beers and scoffing £40 worth of Dominos with your friends?! Are we really entering the dreaded REAL life?! I'm afraid we are, but here are some tips to make sure it isn't all that bad...
Student Loans: How does it all work?
At a glance, student loans can be difficult to figure out. This guide aims to help you understand the ins-and-outs of student loans, so you can begin university stress-free.
7 Unexpected Ways of Earning Money This Summer
The summer holidays are coming up, and that means freedom at last! No lectures, no exams, no weird flatmates… So many events are held in the summer, and it would be an absolute bummer to miss them.
Gluten Free Supermarket Guide
Odds are you’re not sure what the infamous gluten actually is, nonetheless, avoiding it is more than popular right now, whether that’s by choice or not!
How to Have Fun in London on a Tiny Student Budget
London is undoubtedly an expensive city, especially for students with a limited budget. So, whether you’re an out-of-town fresher or a home-grown Londoner, this is a guide for enjoying London as a student.
How to Budget When You Leave University
Our top tips on how to budget when you're kind of an adult, but also sometimes eat cake for breakfast and spend rent money on Jaeger Bombs...
Should I Do A Masters?

Should I Do A Masters?

20 February 2018
Wondering whether to do a master's degree? Here’s what you need to consider first…
7 Most Innovative Ways People Have Got Hired
Meet the “Extreme Job Hunter” and the man who auctioned himself on eBay. In today’s competitive job market, these job seekers really went the extra mile...
The 12 Joys of Working in Retail at Christmas
What’s that you can hear in the distance? Sleigh bells ringing and carol singing? You wish. It’s the crying, shouting and repetitive Christmas songs that signify the start of the festive frenzy in shops around the country.
Writing The Perfect Cover Letter
Writing a good cover letter is just as important as writing a good CV, so here is a quick guide on making yours stand out!
The Balancing Act: Working While Studying At University
It's nearly time to head back to uni for another year and you're considering getting a part-time job. Want to know more about what you'd be getting yourself into? Check out our guide to working while studying.
Make The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Work For You
LinkedIn is an amazing tool that can help you get the perfect job. It’s important to get your profile looking good and it can be a little harder than it sounds. But don’t worry! Our quick guide can help you create a profile that does a lot of the work for you.