Skint? Here’s how to get a job at uni
Revelling in freedom and more cash than you’ve ever had in your life. Spending a few quid here and a few quid there. It’s not that much, is it?
Five more reasons to Get Into Teaching
Want to travel, inspire and get 13 weeks of paid holiday each year? Teaching is a great option for many people, find out why it could be great for you too.
Volunteer from home with Studenteer
Studenteer is an exciting new opportunity for students and graduates alike who have seen their employment prospects affected by the fallout of the pandemic.
Dream Jobs: Environment Agency
Does a career in the public sector appeal to you? Maybe you should consider applying for a role at the Environment Agency, where no two days are ever the same.
Dream Jobs: Accountancy
There's more to being an accountant than just crunching the numbers. Lianne breaks down the role for us this week.
Dream Jobs: Epidemiology
This week in our Dream Jobs series, we are focusing on epidemiology (no, it’s not about skin). If you enjoy interpreting data and are interested in public health, this could be the career for you.
Dream Jobs: Media Buyer
For part three of our series, we interviewed Lauren, a media buyer at a marketing agency.
Dream Jobs: Acting

Dream Jobs: Acting

22 June 2020
Part two of our Dream Jobs series focuses on a profession that is more accessible than you may think...
Dream Jobs: Data Analyst
If your job hunt has left you frustrated, don't worry! Our brand new career spotlight series provides industry insights from people working in sectors that are looking for new faces.
Feeding the Nation
If your job hunt has hit the rocks recently then fear not! Here's an exciting new opportunity to make some cash whilst learning valuable new skills in the process.
Millennial? Can’t choose a career? Here’s why.
Millennials and Generation Z are rewriting a working culture once based on work-hard, play-hard with scroll-hard, dream-hard. The unappealing resignation to a path that promises neither riches or fame is leading to a wave of young people either paralysed in their decision to choose a career or dissatisfied in their chosen occupation. Here’s how to make the right choice for you.
Life As An Intern

Life As An Intern

30 August 2018
If you’re looking to make yourself highly employable by the time you graduate, internships are a fantastic way to gain experience in specific sectors or with specific companies. Here are some great tips on what to expect as an intern, and how to get maximum value out of your internship!
Tips and Tricks for Studying a Masters
What to do after your undergraduate degree is a question students often get asked, but do we really know the answer to it? Finding a job or going on (another) gap year are both viable and perfectly great options, but what about further study?