Health and Wellbeing

Our Easy and Effective Mental Health Tips for Students
The amount of students seeking help, counselling or advice from their unis for mental health problems is rising rapidly. So here are our top tips for good physical and mental health - from using your student counselling service to eating food that makes you happy!
Students Vs Stress At University
YoungMinds are one of Britain's leading mental health charities for the young. They've kindly let us publish an extract from their zine on mental health at university. You can find out more about what they do at
How to Get Fit at University
Between the late night takeaways and the early morning lectures, it can be hard to get in shape at university. Here are the big reasons why getting healthy will improve your life at uni and beyond.
Final Year: How to Not Panic
Your final year of university can be pretty stressful. Here are a few tips to help you keep calm in the face of impending adult life.
The Pressure of University!
With tuition fees at £9,000 per year and fewer opportunities for graduates, is university turning into a results driven, overly pressurised environment?
Keeping active at university
With the long hours spent studying and partying, it's easy to neglect physical activities. Here's our guide to fitting exercise in around your schedule.