Health and Wellbeing

How to Cope with Grief at University
Dealing with loss, in any form, is extremely difficult, especially with the added pressure of looming exams and trying to maintain the social life that's expected to come hand-in-hand with university. Here are some tips to help deal with grief...
What Celebrities Can Teach Us About Mental Illness
Mental illness affects pretty much everyone, either directly or indirectly, at some point in their lives. This includes celebrities, who we so often assume due to their status, are immune to the same struggles as everyone else. They're not, and this article explains why celebrities continuing to raise awareness of mental illness is helping everyone who suffers.
5 Tips to Avoid Exhaustion at the Start of Term
With college and university starting up again, it might be time to refresh the way you learn and study during this semester. This short list aims to introduce you to activities which are less time-consuming than conventional reading and note-taking, for the hours in between intense study periods when your brain feels almost too full.
How to Look After Your Mental Health
We know how crucial looking after our mental health is, but do we always spot the warning signs in ourselves? Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping on top of our everyday worries, and a few words of advice for when it all gets a bit too much.
Sexual health week: Everything you need to know about sexual health
Sexual health, as a relatively large part of life, is just as important as your mental and physical wellbeing. And, undoubtedly, it plays a part in both. As quite a stigmatised aspect of society, it’s sometimes difficult to get the necessary advice and resources without risking being told false and exaggerated information. So, in honour of sexual health week, here’s everything you need to know about sexual health.
How I Handled Depression at University
Depression at university is common yet many of us don't know where to go for support. I hope that by sharing my story, you realise that you are not alone.
10 Things to do at Uni if You're Not a Drinker
Don’t worry about going to uni if you don’t drink - getting blackout drunk every other night isn’t the be-all and end-all of university life, and you’ll be surprised how many non-drinkers are out there! Here are ten ways to enrich your uni life without drinking, as well as finding like-minded people along the way.
How to Deal With Homesickness on Your Year Abroad
Your year abroad is arguably one of the most exciting parts of your degree, but it also comes with a lot of anxiety over homesickness. Here are five tips to help you avoid feelings of homesickness.
How to Look After Your Physical Health While at University
It’s important to know how to look after your well-being, especially when your parents aren’t around to tell you to “Finish your greens!”. Here's our guide to some simple ways to take care of your physical health while at uni.
13 Reasons Why Season 2 Shouldn't Be Censored
Did ‘13 Reasons Why’ Season 2 go too far, and should it have been censored? Or did the creators make the right decision in the fight for raising awareness on sensitive topics?
Dyslexia and University
Starting university when you have dyslexia is daunting, with the emphasis on individual learning proving a challenge for anybody, nevermind an individual with dyslexia.
Diabetes Awareness Week 2018
This week marks annual diabetes awareness week. While most people have heard of diabetes, many don’t fully understand the different types, or how it affects those who have it.
10 Steps to Beating Stress-related Insomnia
During times of high stress, it is more than common to have trouble sleeping. Whilst this problem is temporary, for most people, and will pass when your stress is alleviated, here are some tips for the meantime...
5 Signs You're Feeling Stressed
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year, the focus is on stress. Here are some important signs to look out for and ways you can manage your stress so that you stay healthy and happy.