Health and Wellbeing

Tree growing out of pennies on white table.
Stuck at home with no job, rent payments mounting up and online deliveries burning a hole in your pocket, you’re probably counting the pennies right now.
A person on FaceTime on a phone.
While online dating is nothing new, having first dates through a screen is a little out there. It’s novel, sure, but there usually comes a point where you meet IRL.
Taking Time to be Grateful with Fika
With the world locked down, finances stretched and festivals and holidays on hold for the foreseeable future, it’s hard to focus on the good stuff. What really matters. And what we have to be thankful for.
A woman sitting with her hands closed.
Fika is the student skills app, helping you build mental fitness and improve your emotional wellbeing. Check out these 5-minute brain workouts, drawn on scientific evidence to help you through self-isolation.
A selection of items such as issues and a cup.
The world is gripped by a pandemic – it’s nightmare-worthy stuff. Listening to the news, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve woken up in a dystopian future.
Meditating on the lakeside.
Used by students across the UK, Fika is an emotional fitness app, who help you improve your wellbeing and resilience with 5-minute emotional workouts that draw on scientific evidence.
Sian's Student Diaries: Week 1
In her first Student Diaries entry, Sian tells us about how the pandemic has transformed her education and uprooted her social life.
Danielle's student diaries: Week 1
The pandemic has shaken up the lives of students across the country. Danielle shares her experience of being at university during this turbulent period.
To really make 2021 your year, it’s really important to nail down a good routine. This handy guide will help you to stay organised in the New Year.
How to balance a job with uni work
Working part-time during university is a great way to earn some extra cash. Find out how to balance work and study with these tips.