Freshers' Advice

6 Easy Cocktails to Impress your New Mates
Pre-drinks is the best part of a night out, and you know it is. The night is young, energy levels are high and your Spotify is doing bits for your social life.
Ways to Delay Freshers' Flu for as Long as Possible
The excitement of starting university can often take over the sensible side of our brains. Which means there’s always one experience every fresher seems to forget about: the dreaded freshers’ flu.
5 Reasons You Should Join a Society at Uni
The best parts of university? Most would say nightlife and some would say courses. But for many more, it’s clubs and societies that make the university experience so memorable.
The True Stories of Freshers Week...
Freshers Week – two words that conjure so many memories. Anyone you know who’s gone through university will jump at the chance to chew your ear off about their raucous first year shenanigans.
A close up of a student in graduation robes.
There’s a big difference between being a wide-eyed fresher and a wise final year. For one, every moment of the university experience is new and exciting and for the other? Well, it’s still pretty awesome. There are, however, pros and cons of each – from partying to starting the next chapter of your life.
The 10 Best Student Bars and Clubs in Cardiff
As any Cardiff student will tell you, the city is home to a vibrant network of nightlife venues - from intimate live music spaces to multi-room superclubs. But which bars and clubs do Cardiff students rate most highly? We used real students’ reviews to bring you this top 10 guide to Cardiff’s nightlife.
How to Ace Your First Year at Uni
Not sure quite what to expect from your first year at university? Wondering how to make the most out of this new chapter of your life? Whether you’re giddy with excitement or quaking in your boots, here’s the Student Hut guide to acing your first year.