Applying to University

Apprenticeship Vs Degree: The Lowdown
Deciding where to go after sixth form or college can definitely be confusing. By outlining the pros and cons of both apprenticeships and degrees, this information might help you decide the best route to get into your dream career! 
Going back to uni as a mature student
The last six months have thrown up all manner of surprises. Here, a former actress turned prospective first year student speaks about how her life has changed direction, due to Covid.
Changing your subject through Clearing
If you've got better-than-expected grades and are now unsure about your first-choice degree, here are some great alternatives to consider.
Clearing Myths Busted

Clearing Myths Busted

12 August 2020
You’ll have probably heard of Clearing. But like many students, you might think Clearing is a last ditch attempt to get into uni if nowhere else will take you – right?