The best YouTube workouts for keeping fit at home

Louis Hugheson 21 August 2020
The best YouTube workouts for keeping fit at home

These three trainers provide a great headstart into the world of home fitness training.

As lockdown draws to a close and the next academic year edges nearer, you may find yourself wanting to get more physically active. If you’re not quite ready to sign up for the gym just yet (a risky investment, given that they could still close at any time) then YouTube workouts are a great place to kickstart that fitness bug.

Here are some of the best YouTube fitness channels out there to help you release your inner athlete:


For calisthenics, LA-based trainer Chris Heria is your guy. Calisthenics may sound like a bit of a mouthful to those uninitiated in the fitness world, but the concept itself is fairly simple; it refers to exercises that utilise your body weight to boost your strength, endurance and flexibility. Calisthenics practitioners rarely, if ever, use weights when training, which makes it ideal for home workouts.

In the video below, Chris speaks about how he got into calisthenics:

Weight training

Next up, we have the aptly-named BarbarianBody. This channel focuses on more conventional weight training. It’s a great channel for beginners, as it provides video playlists for teenagers starting in the gym and offers easy-to-follow guides on how to quickly build muscle mass and strength. It also provides followers with nutritional information to support healthy development. Check out one of their upper body home workouts below:

Workout form

Finally, we have Jeff Cavalier, who runs a YouTube channel called Athlean-X. Like BarbarianBody, Athlean-X puts a strong emphasis on weight training, but he also puts a strong focus on anatomical development, such as fat loss, form and posture. His content often utilises muscle markers to highlight the specific areas of the body that are being developed. As with the other two channels, Jeff shares a lot of home workout videos for trainers at all stages of their development. His form guides are a must-watch to ensure that you don’t get injured whilst practising.

If you’re serious about giving the home workouts a go, here are some great playlists from each of the trainers mentioned, that cover all ability levels:

Chris Heria’s home workout series

BarbarianBody’s how-to guides

Athlean-X’s how-to series

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Louis Hugheson 21 August 2020