The Best University Societies

Elizabeth Tan on 29 August 2017
The Best University Societies

See if your university has made it onto the list of Best Name, Most Random and more!

Best Names

These eye-catching society names caugt our attention at Student Hut and we felt strongly that they deserved to go on a Best Names list because they really are quite witty!

  1. Stitch n Bitch, Leeds (similarly, Knit Like Your Nana, Sheffield)
  2. Here Comes Treble, Salford - This society hit the right note for this list
  3. G-Gnomes, Glasgow
  4. Bookie Monsters Society, Aberdeen - "Me love poetry...and cookies!"
  5. Mathletes, Aston
  6. Tea Enthusiast Army, Keele - You and what arm- Oh...

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Best Charity/Volunteer Societies

Every universities has a variety of charities and volunteering opportunities which look great on your CV, whilst also allowing you to give back to society. We've chosen the most common charity and volunteer societies which we recommend you go and join!


Most universities will take part to Raise And Give so check out Queen Mary, Hertfordshire or Greenwich to see their contributions to raise as much money for the best causes.

Give Blood

Giving Blood is a great way to save lives. See how Nottingham donates to the cause.

Teddy Bear Hospital

Everyone likes a cute and cuddly teddy bear. Check out how Cardiff and Leeds use this society to help treat young children in hospital.

most Random Society

Alongside our Best Names list, these really random societies couldn't go unnoticed! Maybe this list will inspire you to create your own random society!

  1. Kitten Heel Society, Glasgow University
  2. Hummus Society, SOAS - Who knew Hummus could be so interesting!?
  3. Pizza Party, Portsmouth University
  4. Extreme BBQ, Aston University - A normal BBQ isn't enough. Aston Uni makes them Extreme!
  5. Magic and Hypnosis, King’s College London
  6. Beekeeping and Preservation, University of West of England - Beekeeping hats off to those saving the bees!

Most Common

Pretty much any Freshers' Fair you go to will have these societies. That doesn't stop you from taking part and having the time of your life at these societies!

Harry Potter Appreciation Society

Edinburgh and Loughborough have taken Harry Potter to a whole new, fun level of appreciation. Check them out!

Cheese tasting and Real Ale

After your gathering at the Harry Potter camp, try out Cheese Tasting at Edinburgh or, if you fancy, check out the real deal of Real Ale at Reading.


From League of Legends to Super Smash Bros., Southampton and Exeter know the business of e-sport gaming inside and out!


City University is among the many that have debating societies to tackle the most pressing and important topics. Check out their achievements and the battles they have faced in the past.


SOAS and LSE have mastered the poker face and the best way to take risks and chances in Poker.

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Sounds most fun

Who wouldn't want to try out something that sounds super exciting!? Freshers' is all about diving into the fun and trying out new interests. Here's our list of some of the societies we felt looked the most fun.

  1. Falconry, Keele
  2. Quidditch at Oxford and Nottingham
  3. Dragonslayers, Queens University Belfast
  4. Zombie society, University of Westminster

Tell us if you think a society should be on the list or if we’ve missed any you think deserve to go on!

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Elizabeth Tan on 29 August 2017