Best Travel Destinations for Students 2019

Becky Justiceon 15 May 2019
Best Travel Destinations for Students 2019

With the summer break around the corner, most students begin to set their sites on travel plans. If you're looking for some inspiration, we've put together some great destinations that you'll be sure to love. 

So you’re mid-revision or mid-writing and literally doing anything else other than work you’re meant to be doing. You start dreaming of far off beaches and city breaks or disappearing anywhere that’s not here. The aimless scrolling becomes purposeful searching as you try to find the perfect holiday to motivate you to finish the term.

Well never fear, because we have the perfect selection of holiday destinations to fuel your sun-soaked dreams!

1. Gdansk, Poland

Further north than Warsaw, the capital of Poland, Gdansk as the benefit of being on the Baltic sea so you can still rack up the beach hours whilst being surrounded by a city of culture. With museums and churches as well as boat trips and beer tasting you won’t get bored! For those who want to explore further afield, one of the largest castles in the world, Malbork Castle, is only a short train ride away so there’s something for everyone here.

2. Glamping in Cornwall

Beaches, scones and clotted cream ice cream, need I say more? For those of you who want to discover more of the UK but still have a relaxing beach vibe, Cornwall is the place to go.

As well as the incredible coastal scenery, Cornwall has a wide range of alternative accommodation. With treehouses, yurts, wigwams and shepherd huts to just name a few, staying the UK can be just as exciting as going abroad. Surfing, coasteering and miles of gorgeous coastline, it’s the perfect destination for people wanting a break from city life.

3. Costa Rica

With coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean, it’s no surprise that Costa Rica is known for its beaches, perfect for a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation.

There's also an amazing amount of wildlife to see including sloths, tapirs and capuchin monkeys to name a few, so animal lovers, this is for you. Perfect for those who want to try backpacking, there are cloud forests, waterfalls and volcanoes to explore if you want to get back to nature, and brilliant nightlife in San Jose if you want to party.

4. Tallin, Estonia

A UNESCO world heritage site, this medieval city is incredible to explore. With tours along the city walls, fortified towers called Fat Margaret and an amazing café selection, it’s easy to lose track of the hours wandering while around this historic city. With plenty of attractions being free to enter, it’s a good place to visit on a budget. Bordering Russia and only a 2-hour boat ride from Finland, you could even visit another country while you’re there.

5. Mexico City

The 2nd largest city in the world definitely doesn’t have a shortage of things to see and do. Forget those tacos which you tried to cook and burnt to a crisp, THIS is the country famous for some of the best street food in the world.

Food and alcohol are very affordable so you can enjoy the local cuisine without breaking the bank. Modern and comfortable yet with a history befitting the oldest capital city in the Americas, you’ll be leaving full to bursting with culture and churros.

Happy Travels!

Becky Justiceon 15 May 2019