The best TikTok food trends that actually taste good

Maddy McKennaon 11 May 2021
tiktok pasta

From the famous TikTok pasta recipe to nature's cereal, here are the best foods you can make with recipes from TikTok.

Since the first national lockdown began, millions of people have been turning their attention to TikTok. Not only is the platform a source of entertainment, but it’s also great for discovering life hacks. From styling your shirt in different ways to guides on finding cheap flights, TikTok seems to have all the answers. 

Undoubtedly, one of the areas that TikTok has seen a rise in popularity is the subgenre of TikTok food. These food trends have been circulating globally as almost everyone’s culinary skills have improved over lockdown. Of course, some recipes have been failures (and you shouldn’t trust them all), but others have become staples in our diets. Let’s break down the top four recipes born from TikTok. 

1. Feta ‘TikTok’ pasta

A list of the best TikTok food trends would not be complete without this famous pasta dish. A mix of Italian and Greek cuisine, this simple meal requires you to place a block of feta cheese in an oven-proof dish, surround it with cherry tomatoes, cover it in olive oil and oven-cook it for 40 minutes. You can enhance the flavour by adding garlic and onions. 

When the feta is golden brown, add cooked pasta and a splash of pasta water and mix to create a creamy tomato sauce. This dish has been so popular that it has caused entire supermarkets to sell out of feta and has inspired several other takes on the recipe. We also rate the buffalo chicken version but stay away from the strawberry one!

2. Tortilla wrap

These wraps have quickly become one of the hottest lunch trends. Simply cut one edge into the middle of the tortilla and use that cut to visualise four quarters. Then, select four ingredients and place each one in its own quarter. Next, fold up the bottom left quadrant (where you cut the wrap) and keep folding the tortilla in a clockwise motion until you have a three-layer wrap. To seal it, place it in a toastie maker, so it transforms into a crispy and oozy quesadilla. Yum.

This recipe is completely customisable, so you can choose your ingredients and the placement, altering the taste. It can also be sweet or savoury, so that you can unleash your creativity on this one!

3. Pesto eggs

This recipe sums up what TikTok food is all about - simplicity. We love how swapping pesto for oil completely changes the flavour. This recipe works for any style of eggs - whether scrambled, fried or an omelette. The oil from the pesto will cook the eggs and help you to change up your breakfast routine. Sunday brunch, anyone?

4. Nature’s cereal

If Lizzo gives Nature’s cereal her seal of approval, then nothing else can be said on the matter. Place some fruit in a bowl and then fill the bowl with coconut water (as you would milk for cereal). It’s that simple. Lizzo adds ice cubes so, if you’re a fan, make sure to try this version out first!

There has also been an adult version of this cereal which replaces the coconut water for tequila. Maybe not the healthiest or smartest breakfast idea, but if you try this, please drink responsibly!

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Maddy McKennaon 11 May 2021