Best studygram accounts to follow 2022

Daisy Marshallon 17 November 2022
A desk nowhere near as aesthetic as these studygrams

Sometimes we need inspiration or motivation to get on with our studies and these aesthetic studygram accounts do just that.

If you struggle with motivation when it comes to studying, then you should definitely follow Studygram accounts. Everyone knows studying can be tedious but such accounts can motivate others to reach their personal best.

What is a studygram?

A studygram is an Instagram account where the individual documents their own personal education journey. The community is massively growing and inspiring others to reach their studying goals. On a studygram account, students share their studying routines, and tricks and give general organisation tips. This is a huge help to many students, with their grades improving from copying new efficient learning methods. 

Studying is a tiring process that includes memorising textbooks and big chunks of information. It can take a lot out of someone but this community of students are here to help. Their aesthetically pleasing images of notes and materials hope to have a positive impact on the rollercoaster of emotions studying brings out of someone!

Below are the top Studygram accounts you should follow to make your study life that little bit easier!


The organised set-up in this Studygram always includes coffee – often Starbucks! Viewers will be encouraged to go get their own coffee and start studying in a similarly organised manner!


The account is run by a girl named Jasmine whose feed is full of detailed notes. The style is either in neat, printed bullet points or in a simple but effective paragraph format.


Seo’s feed consists of beautiful structured writing with cute cartoon-like drawings around them, bringing the notes alive. 


The visually appealing feed follows the life of a Dutch law university student. Instead of a pure studygram account, the feed also offers shots of food and city life.

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Daisy Marshallon 17 November 2022